Sunday, September 2, 2012

Slowly smoothing out (and things to watch for)

It's no secret, this year has been a bit rocky for me.
It's always this picture...
The good news is, things are starting to look up, or upper that is. Some little "achievements" that I have made this year.

- 500m TT swim in under 7:00 - Done at 6:53
- Higher FTP than last year - Now hovering around 270's.
- Ran a Sub 20' 5k - 19:32 in the middle of a long run.

It's always good to have smaller goals mixed in with the bigger ones. My long term goals are to push my FTP into the 300+ range, get my 5k down to low 18's (and, more importantly, to lower my long run pace to low 7min/miles) , and swim a sub 6' 500TT. All those are a ways off, but hopefully at least in sight on the horizon.

I've also started this nice blog (you may have noticed, since you are reading it) to sort of occupy my downtime (well, to procrastinate from work and house chores) and while I'm still feeling out the way it works and what mix of tidbits / jokes / and nonsense people are willing to sift through, I must say I thoroughly enjoy it.
Even Spider Man has writers block occasionally
 I plan to attempt to continue the reviews (the DSW Speedpack being the first, but I'm already working on drafts for the S-Works Trivents, the Zoot Ultra Kiawe's, and my trip to the wind tunnel) and update the blog at least once a week (hopefully a little more as time allows and things happen) but of course, posting just to post really isn't helpful to anyone... so bear with me. 

Look There! You can see my swim times not being embarrassing! Here, take the telescope!
Have a happy and safe Labor Day! 

-Christopher Morelock


  1. I am just in awe over your physical capabilities thus far!

    1. Consistency will (someday) win the race... right :P