Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review! The (updated) Tririg Omega X

In 2013 I reviewed the Omega (here) and said it was one of the best aero brakes ever. That was after having the thing for a couple of days.

Fast forward to 2015, I now own 5 Omega's (including the X I'm reviewing here) The original two I reviewed (now on my P3 after I retired my Planet X) impressed me so much I ended up buying two more when I updated my Zipp 2001. So when I wanted to get my Felt back on the road, there wasn't much of a choice to make as to what brake I'd be using.

So, in case you didn't see this coming, spoiler... I like this brake, a lot. With that out of the way, we can get down to business. How much better is the "X" than the old Omega. First, let's have a look at what has changed.

What comes in your box. Plenty of included adjustments

Overall Shape

Tririg touts this as a completely new offering, not just an update... and while I feel like that might be a bit of a stretch, I'll roll with it. It feels more like a "re-boot" than a true sequel, but as there wasn't a lot not to like about the original, why ruin the recipe. The brake is a little taller and a little chunkier than the original (by small amounts) but is clearly more refined. The extra space for vertical movement in the brake pads is a welcome addition, and the "stress crack free" (I'm sure Tririg has replaced their fair share of the original face plates due to over-tightening) magnetic face plate is both a much cleaner shape for the wind and more practical for home wrenching.

Front Plate Fairing

Speaking of the front plate... it's a huge improvement. The magnets are strong, and there is just enough other material sliding into place that I am confident that it will stay intact through even some of the most jarring roads.  Having no bolt holes does a huge amount of work for the eyeball aerodynamics of this thing as well... I remember people taping over some of the old TRP front brakes bolt holes back in the day, and while it's possible it didn't help at all, I always thought those people did a good job covering all the bases. (even the small ones) Being an quasi aero nerd myself, the cleanness of this setup will no doubt start to erode my sanity every time I look at the bolts on the front of my old Omegas.

The front profile on my Felt

The Improved "Wedge" and levers (how you stop)

I'll preface this with the following... 1.) I've only had it installed for a short amount of time, enough for a ride or two, and 2.) I never experienced anything but excellent braking performance from the original. (Which I use one set with a 3T Ventus and i-link cables, which has no return spring. Some people seem to take issue with that)

So it stopped all 160lbs of me. Pretty effortlessly really. It's no Hydraulic, disc, or even dura-ace level of stopping power, but it's damn good, plenty powerful enough to cause you to endo if you locked it up. I often question how many people really experienced poor braking performance with the Omega's and how many didn't properly set it up. Anyways, the Omega is far and clear one of the best stopping aero brakes ever made, and this one is said to be an improvement. (I can't tell... it stops well enough to make me happy, that's what I know) The setup certainly "looks" more efficient with the redesign.

From the side, fitting before the install.

Easier Compatibility 

No doubt about it, this thing is well situated to fit on a wide variety of bikes, regardless of what kind of mounting system they use. All of the major "standards" of mounting have been covered, and while it's (at least currently) a useless luxury for me personally, I can appreciate the extra hardware that came with this brake, especially on the off chance I buy a bike using one of these mounting systems in the future. It makes life infinitely easier (and I suppose cheaper to swap) for people who have multiple bikes that DO have different mounting hardware, as opposed to having to choose between the original design and the SV, now you just add an extra piece and go.

One thing I've always thought was genius about the Omega (and now the X) is that there is no need to specify front or rear. With the (included) different bolt lengths you can easily change your mind on the go as to which point you want each of your brakes, which isn't just nice from a design standpoint, (say you upgrade bikes and your new bike has an integrated brake/fork on the front... just change bolt length and throw it on the back) but also a great thing for the re-sale market (where rear only brakes usually sell for a good bit less) if you ever decide to unload your Omega.

The brake will also fit pretty much any wheel/tire you could imagine running. at 32mm max spread you can fit any aero fat wheel you want in there.

The bad

Unfortunately, unlike the original Omega, the X has a non-removable hanger/cable stop. To get the full "center pull" setup you now need to buy the separate "no hanger" back plate. That's not the end of the world, but adding $50 to an already near $200 brake is starting to sting the wallet of even the big spenders. It's the one stumble backwards in an otherwise good step forward from Tririg in my opinion. Perhaps if the original hadn't included a way to change it up I wouldn't be bemoaning it, but it did, and I am.

The X is also a small bit heavier from all accounts. Now being civilized and educated modern folk, we don't care so much about weight on our tri/tt bikes any more, but I suppose there is always going to be the weight weenie out there outraged at the gram change.

Those things aside, it's hard to argue against this as the king of the aero brakes. Good power, easier installation, (possibly) improved aerodynamics... a winning combination from Tririg. It will continue to be the brake I choose on my tri/tt bikes, and I don't know a better recommendation a person can give than that.

Tririg's Omega X page

Thanks so much for reading! I really appreciate it.

- Christopher Morelock

Friday, May 22, 2015

just a sketch

Just a little doodle of a fan I did while sitting around in Maryland. Wanted to say have a great memorial day everyone!

Christopher Morelock

Monday, May 18, 2015

Challenge Knoxville 2015, some (hundred and something) photos!

Insert bemoaning about not being able to race. (I wasn't bothered by the fact up until race day... I miss racing!!)

The Cobb Mobb was out and about, with Thomas Gerlach right off the podium in 4th (I'm sure his blog will have a recap of some...shitty happenings from his day...) and Nick Brodnicki finishing strong in the pro race. William Ritter had a tough day in the half with a flat. (along with a trip back to Texas post race!) Sharon Deane won the Athena division. Other Mobbsters were on course doing work! Jimmy brought out the magical pink Unicorn cheering outfit.

Now that that is out of the way, we'll get right to the ice cream. I got a good amount of pictures, particularly from T1 Exit, but unfortunately I'm a better triathlete than I am photographer (which means I can "sometimes" get the camera on and pointed in the right direction) which, mixed with my low end camera and downpour that was going on, means they aren't the best pictures in the world. Nonetheless, have a look, see if I got a shot of you or someone you know. Enjoy!

Sharon, William and Jimmy on the dock

escort to transition

Martin, RD for Racedayevents volunteering

William with no helmet ;)

Race Morning

Wetsuit rip glued back together

Dye on his way out


Thomas headed out

Rocky Top Multisports... what a bunch of goofballs

This guy had to dismount immediately (before mount line) but he did an awesome job on, off and on again, especially having shoes on.

William Ritter heading out

Another Dimond, Borden maybe?

This was a slick paintjob on this Dimond

Nick Morgan heading in to t1

Nick heading out

Don't do 40 miles...don't do 40 miles... dangit...did 40 miles

Bill Beecher coming out

Sharon through the swim

go go go

Jimmy posing in front of the Sunsphere

Dye crushing the run

Hey Cobb saddles

I made sure to get a picture of Thomas and Jimmy in the same frame ;)

Bill Beecher snagging 3rd in the Oly

After flatting out, William decided to get his run in anyways

Dye with an absurd lead 

Thomas bringing it in

Aww... a wife / hubby moment

Nick, having made his own course (doing 40 miles on the bike instead of 25) laughing it off

Finally I managed to get a picture of Nick

Surprise Doc!

William a bit disappointed

Add caption

Sharon right after finishing... she looks thrilled

Thomas Getting paid

Again, sorry about the quality... congratulations to everyone who competed on a tough day. Glad everyone ended up (relatively) unscathed. Lots of crashes, could have been a lot worse.

Thanks for checking out the blog... more reviews in the coming days... I got my hand on an Omega X that is ready for a breakdown.

- Christopher Morelock