Monday, May 18, 2015

Challenge Knoxville 2015, some (hundred and something) photos!

Insert bemoaning about not being able to race. (I wasn't bothered by the fact up until race day... I miss racing!!)

The Cobb Mobb was out and about, with Thomas Gerlach right off the podium in 4th (I'm sure his blog will have a recap of some...shitty happenings from his day...) and Nick Brodnicki finishing strong in the pro race. William Ritter had a tough day in the half with a flat. (along with a trip back to Texas post race!) Sharon Deane won the Athena division. Other Mobbsters were on course doing work! Jimmy brought out the magical pink Unicorn cheering outfit.

Now that that is out of the way, we'll get right to the ice cream. I got a good amount of pictures, particularly from T1 Exit, but unfortunately I'm a better triathlete than I am photographer (which means I can "sometimes" get the camera on and pointed in the right direction) which, mixed with my low end camera and downpour that was going on, means they aren't the best pictures in the world. Nonetheless, have a look, see if I got a shot of you or someone you know. Enjoy!

Sharon, William and Jimmy on the dock

escort to transition

Martin, RD for Racedayevents volunteering

William with no helmet ;)

Race Morning

Wetsuit rip glued back together

Dye on his way out


Thomas headed out

Rocky Top Multisports... what a bunch of goofballs

This guy had to dismount immediately (before mount line) but he did an awesome job on, off and on again, especially having shoes on.

William Ritter heading out

Another Dimond, Borden maybe?

This was a slick paintjob on this Dimond

Nick Morgan heading in to t1

Nick heading out

Don't do 40 miles...don't do 40 miles... dangit...did 40 miles

Bill Beecher coming out

Sharon through the swim

go go go

Jimmy posing in front of the Sunsphere

Dye crushing the run

Hey Cobb saddles

I made sure to get a picture of Thomas and Jimmy in the same frame ;)

Bill Beecher snagging 3rd in the Oly

After flatting out, William decided to get his run in anyways

Dye with an absurd lead 

Thomas bringing it in

Aww... a wife / hubby moment

Nick, having made his own course (doing 40 miles on the bike instead of 25) laughing it off

Finally I managed to get a picture of Nick

Surprise Doc!

William a bit disappointed

Add caption

Sharon right after finishing... she looks thrilled

Thomas Getting paid

Again, sorry about the quality... congratulations to everyone who competed on a tough day. Glad everyone ended up (relatively) unscathed. Lots of crashes, could have been a lot worse.

Thanks for checking out the blog... more reviews in the coming days... I got my hand on an Omega X that is ready for a breakdown.

- Christopher Morelock

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