Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sooner than later... race season is coming

New name for my bike saddle... the Iron Throne.

Back from a crazy week of traveling. Some for work and some for fun, although neither really turned out all that profitably. Nonetheless, I did actually make it back, so I would have to call it a success. (I know, high standards)

February on the training front has been, at best, a wash, and at worst, a disaster for me. Being injured and basically unable to train for half a month has certainly not done anything for my fitness, or possibly more importantly, my morale. Fortunately, I've been able to ride and run (and of course swim) the last week, so hopefully things will be back to normal from here on out.

I've been trying to use my injury time to get the rest of my "life" in order. Fixing up my house has taken the majority of our time (some new art on the walls and curtains! OooOooh! Fancy!) but I've also made some time to work on my own paintings and of course to re-introduce myself to the Game of Thrones HBO series. It's been a little over a year since I finished the last book, and man I can't wait to see how this turns out!

Another "hobby" of mine is cooking. When I say hobby, I mean that I cook 99% of my meals at home, and, as opposed to eating TV dinner's every night, I took the time (and a class) on the culinary arts. Last week I added a new "tool" to my arsenal. The Cast Iron Skillet!

I had a joke about adding iron to your diet, but as it turns out... it actually does. Awkward.

This thing is Awesome! Well, maybe awesome is a bit of an overstatement... it's kind of a PITA to keep in grade A shape, but man, this thing is fun to play with. Not to mention I feel that if someone were to break into my house whilst I was in the middle of some Gluten Free hot skillet cooking session, I would be able to go Jackie Chan on them! Actually I'd probably just burn the crap out of myself (that handle gets hot...) and then be robbed. : / We can dream though.

In media land, I heard Puscifer's cover of  Bohemian Rhapsody over the weekend, and it has affirmed two things in my mind
1.) I love Queen
2.) Maynard (James Keenan... of Tool/APC/Puscifer) as talented as he is (and as good of a cover as this is) just can't hold a candle to the range Freddie Mercury had.

Fred Perry... Freddie Mercury... Where's Wiggo?

Nonetheless, go listen to this cover, it's pretty awesome. Different while still staying true to the original.

Last on my list of to-do's is to finish sanding down the CR-1. I've been way too lax on my work towards getting it back up and running... partly because it became a bit more daunting than I had imagined, and partly because the CAAD just rides so well! Nonetheless, that is absolutely no excuse not to have it back in riding condition by April. So, hold me to it... updates soon to come!

As always, thanks for reading my totally scattered thoughts!

- Christopher Morelock

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


I'm traveling this week, and despite my love for everyone, I am unwilling to do this on an iPhone. Especially considering it's not my iPhone!

Back and better than ever next week!

Thanks for reading and understanding!

- Christopher Morelock

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

And in my spare time...

Well, I'm slowly working my way back into training. It feels kind of weird saying that since it's only been 2 weeks since I injured myself. Not that I'm complaining, I'm excited that I can get back to it so fast.

I managed to get a good swim in last night, which was what had me "most" worried. Even though Swimming is a low impact sport, there is a LOT of motion that goes into it. When you're not 100% sure what the problem is (only a general area that hurts) those are the kinds of things that can end up being more trouble than a "beat you up" activity like running. That said, I'm doing my first "run" tonight, so wish me luck that all goes well.

As far as cycling goes, I've been doing quite a bit of spinning. I am still a bit afraid of doing hard intervals, so to keep my sanity (and since my actual trainer is sitting at the LBS for the classes) I've done the unthinkable.

I have dug the rollers out of the Closet!

That's right... I went there.
 Me and the ole' Kreitlers (Dyno-Myte's if you must know. The "tougher" ones.) have had a long on and off relationship. Every year I get them out of the garage, set them up in the hallway (doorway) with the excited anticipation of getting my bike handling skills down. Twenty minutes later I'm panting, sliding around like I'm on ice skates (not something you'll ever see me doing again.) cursing at whatever paragon first created these torture devices. Then a ride or two later I'll be comfortable again, riding with one (even no) hand, reaching for my bottle, doing single leg drills... happy as all is right with the world. That's about the time I unceremoniously fly off the side of the rollers and land somewhere in my wall / floor. A multitude of curses escape me and then we start the cycle all over again

More fun than it looks. Right?
Nonetheless, I've had a lot more "time" on my hands the last few weeks. Fortunately I'm not exactly the kind of guy to take these kinds of setbacks lying down, so I've managed to stay busy.
First, my house was a complete wreck. I've had a shower curtain (that's awesome) sitting on my table for almost 4 months. So, first order of business, install shower curtain.

Release the Kraken!
Shower curtain installation, successful. (mostly) Now any time somebody wants to borrow my shower, they'll have to be careful of lurking sea beasts ready to devour them with bad@ssery.

Then of course, there's my painting. Acrylics have always been my first love, since I was a child. That said, I'm a pretty unfaithful lover. I will get excited about a new piece, pour 8-10 hours into it, get about 1/4 of the way done, and then let it sit for about 6 months without touching a brush. I have just now been re-bitten by the painting bug, so it's time to get (re) started on this little piece.
Forbidden Fruit is the best Fruit!
I'm afraid I haven't done much more than lay down the base colors, so to say there's still a little work to be done is a massive understatement. I suspect we'll end up with around 20 hours in this one, and right now I think I've logged 45 minutes :) That's ok, when It comes together It should be acceptable as a hallway piece. (You know, a picture of temptation leading towards the bedroom... or kitchen depending on which one is your favorite sin)

One day I hope to be a painter that's worthy of attempting a masterpiece like this

Take your time, envy this piece all you want. I understand.

Ok, that's what I've got. Off to go try to get my run in. Hopefully it's back to normal... or as normal as my life ever is :)

Thanks for Reading!

-Christopher Morelock

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Painful Reminder (and, possibly growing as an athlete)

I used to be an adventurer like you...
Well, it's that time again. It seems like my annual "get hurt" holiday has come around. Last Saturday on my long run I was getting a little over-zealous (and it was still a little icy out) and somehow managed to strain/pull/mess up my groin/inner thigh.

Fortunately I don't believe I've done any considerable damage to myself. I was sore stretching on Sunday/Monday, felt better on Tuesday and feel no pain (although still some tightness) when stretching this morning. I'll probably still take today off and most likely only do some very light jogging/spinning until at least the end of the week.

Despite not being a good thing, (of course) I feel like this is actually a big step for me as a "complete" athlete. My knee-jerk go to reaction on Saturday afternoon was to brush it off and continue my training... I mean, I'm going for 200mile/months of running after all, I ain't got time for none of that being injured! After a little "moment of clarity" time though, I realized that I was not only putting *ever* getting to a 200mi/month in jeopardy, but also putting my entire (soon to be upon us) race season on a razor's edge. Yes, I'll lose a little of my building by taking some time, but being set back a few days (or even weeks) is a minor thing compared to being set back for months because of being a bull-headed idiot.

Me two years ago would most certainly NOT have taken any amount of time off, despite knowing that I should. I'd like to think it has something to do with getting a bit smarter (that is...older) and realizing that there isn't any award for being the "toughest" or the best at training... just for being at the finish line fastest. Taking time off puts that goal in the forefront, and makes it (at least to me) seem like I'm doing something proactive. Perception is everything you know.
Alright stop, collaborate and listen... Ice that leg with a frozen invention

So, for me, it's another day or so off, and a couple days easy until I can get back at it without chancing a big injury.  Hopefully everyone reading is staying healthy and keeping up the good fight. Alright, back to the ice pack...

...But let me just tell you, this is the least pleasant place to ice ever.

Thanks for reading

-Christopher Morelock