Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sooner than later... race season is coming

New name for my bike saddle... the Iron Throne.

Back from a crazy week of traveling. Some for work and some for fun, although neither really turned out all that profitably. Nonetheless, I did actually make it back, so I would have to call it a success. (I know, high standards)

February on the training front has been, at best, a wash, and at worst, a disaster for me. Being injured and basically unable to train for half a month has certainly not done anything for my fitness, or possibly more importantly, my morale. Fortunately, I've been able to ride and run (and of course swim) the last week, so hopefully things will be back to normal from here on out.

I've been trying to use my injury time to get the rest of my "life" in order. Fixing up my house has taken the majority of our time (some new art on the walls and curtains! OooOooh! Fancy!) but I've also made some time to work on my own paintings and of course to re-introduce myself to the Game of Thrones HBO series. It's been a little over a year since I finished the last book, and man I can't wait to see how this turns out!

Another "hobby" of mine is cooking. When I say hobby, I mean that I cook 99% of my meals at home, and, as opposed to eating TV dinner's every night, I took the time (and a class) on the culinary arts. Last week I added a new "tool" to my arsenal. The Cast Iron Skillet!

I had a joke about adding iron to your diet, but as it turns out... it actually does. Awkward.

This thing is Awesome! Well, maybe awesome is a bit of an overstatement... it's kind of a PITA to keep in grade A shape, but man, this thing is fun to play with. Not to mention I feel that if someone were to break into my house whilst I was in the middle of some Gluten Free hot skillet cooking session, I would be able to go Jackie Chan on them! Actually I'd probably just burn the crap out of myself (that handle gets hot...) and then be robbed. : / We can dream though.

In media land, I heard Puscifer's cover of  Bohemian Rhapsody over the weekend, and it has affirmed two things in my mind
1.) I love Queen
2.) Maynard (James Keenan... of Tool/APC/Puscifer) as talented as he is (and as good of a cover as this is) just can't hold a candle to the range Freddie Mercury had.

Fred Perry... Freddie Mercury... Where's Wiggo?

Nonetheless, go listen to this cover, it's pretty awesome. Different while still staying true to the original.

Last on my list of to-do's is to finish sanding down the CR-1. I've been way too lax on my work towards getting it back up and running... partly because it became a bit more daunting than I had imagined, and partly because the CAAD just rides so well! Nonetheless, that is absolutely no excuse not to have it back in riding condition by April. So, hold me to it... updates soon to come!

As always, thanks for reading my totally scattered thoughts!

- Christopher Morelock

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