Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Race Schedule for 2013 season!

I've been working out my season the last few days and suppose that means that it's time to share. Of course things have already had issues, with planning my races around vacation(s) and so forth, not to mention keeping healthy throughout the season.

This year my goal is to broaden my horizons. For the last 3 years I've had the basic recipe of "couple of shorter races early in the season, longer A race at the end." Not that I've got any big complaints about that setup, but I am interested in trying out some other things as well.

So although this is surely going to have edits (I expect I'll end up adding at least 4-5 more races, possibly more) here's the current look of things.

April 7th - Knoxville (1/2) Marathon
April 14th - Trideltathon *Depends on how I feel a week from the 1/2

April 20-27 - Vacation

May 5th - Rev3 Olympic OR TN State TT Championship

May 12th - Berry Peddler Road Race / TT

May 25-27 - USAC Pro Road & TT Championships in Chattanooga (spectating)

June 23rd - Tellico Summer Solstice (was Amica) Tri

July 6th - West Side Y tri

July 28th - XTERRA Panther Creek tri

August 3rd - Springbrook Sprint

August 18th - Fall Creek Falls Olympic*

August 24th - Storm the Fort Olympic* (will probably do one of the two olympics)

September 22nd - Anchor Splash Sprint

September 28th -  Possibly Atomic Man 1/2 Iron distance

Also starting April 3rd is a Knoxville Crit (training) series that I may end up doing.

August 25th 2014 - Ironman Louisville* (Tentative)

I am not sure how all this will turn out. I haven't really looked at any running races or mountain bike races yet, both of which I'm interested in. I would also like to enter some more road races and possibly work on my Category (Cat5 yay) but we'll just have to see.

Now, just to stay injury free long enough to enjoy these races :)

Next week I'll hopefully be giving some updated thoughts on my Microshift groupset after some miles.

Thanks for reading,

Christopher Morelock


  1. Next year you need to come and race Memphis in May!

    1. For sure, I've been wanting to do MnM for a while now!