Wednesday, January 30, 2013

When more is more.

Despite all of the talk of "smarter" training and all of that, sometimes, *more* really is what you need.

It's Jan. 30th as I type, leaving one more day to add to the training log. That means I'm going to have a new milestone in the books tomorrow. I should end the month with 155 miles under my soles. That's 13 more than last month, and starting to put me close to the 40mi/week mark. A big goal for me is still to hit 200miles in a month, although it's a good stretch down the road before I check that one off the list.

- Aside -
I wanted to give a thank you to Mizuno for listening to feedback and changing the Wave Rider 15's to a closer successor to the 13's than the 14's. Anyone who ran in the 13's know's what I'm talking about. They were without a doubt the best "neutral" training shoe I've ever had on my foot. (and I've tried a lot) The 14 took everything that was good about the 13 and changed it... disappointing (a light way of saying it) tons of Mizuno-philes. The 15's however took a step back to what I loved about the 13's, with a couple of "upgrades" that I can live with. I'm on my 4th pair right now (kind of nervous about the 16's that have just recently been released) and I've been getting about 450-500 miles out of them.
Loud and Comfortable, the ultimate combination.
-End Aside -

Of course I'm still sticking pretty close to the 10% rule. I'm also putting in most of these miles at an easy pace (I'm a believer that "easy" pace can and does change from day to day. Some days easy is 7:5x min/mi's, some days it's 8:4x's. It's important to slow down when your body is saying "this is what we're working with today) which is fairly necessary, especially since I've not totally forsaken swimming and biking.

As a matter of fact, I did my 20' TT test last Friday night. I was dreading it for a few reasons...
1.) It'd been about 5 months since my last one.
2.) I haven't been putting in a lot of cycling the last few months
3.) 20' tests suck!

That said, I managed to hold 291 watts for the duration, despite having a little of a "u" in the middle. (Came from upping my power a little too high too fast) which was up about 7 watts from my last test! Still under 300 watts sadly, but 4.3kg/w! That puts me on "the scale" at "very good." I know I know, the chart doesn't mean much (other than letting me measure my ego) but hey, I started at "untrained" :) I've got to take some pride in my work.

Speaking of pride in my work, here is a picture of the pain cave!

Not pictured... the OTHER fans.
Just 4 walls, a bunch of fans and a big stereo. Also a set of Krietler rollers if I'm feeling like living on the edge. Hopefully the weather will start warming back up in the next month or two and I'll be able to start getting back on the road!

Swimming of course has taken a back seat. I'm going less (2) days but doing longer workouts each time. My times have started dropping back down so there is at least a little hope that I haven't lost all of my speed from last year in the water. I'm considering taking lessons again to see if I can squeeze out any more "free" speed from my form. I'd love to get down to a 6:30/500m but that's still likely a good ways off. Oh well.

Sadly the last few races I've been looking at/signed up for have been canceled due to sh*t weather. Mother Nature is really giving TN the go-round. The last two weeks it has been snowing/icing on friday, and yet today I'm wearing shorts (it's 68 degrees!) despite it pouring down rain with the chance of Tornado's.  Tennessee weather is stupid.

Well, that's the update in my life. Working, training, cooking, sleeping. That seems like all I get done!

Thanks for reading!
-Christopher Morelock

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