Wednesday, September 25, 2013

An Interlude (from important things)

First and most importantly - CHECK OUT THESE SWEET SHADES

80's Oakley Factory Pilots... I have to be faster channeling my inner Lemond...right?

The last week has been rough. Due to my smartphone being far smarter than I am I ended up flipping some workouts last Tue/Wed. Normally not a big deal, but it ended up sandwiching a long run between two hard bike workouts. The result? Me having to cut the second bike workout and then cutting my long ride in half on Sunday. Some rest is necessary even for the most ambitious of us it seems.

Fortunately these things (some people call it life) happen, and when they do you just adjust. No need to panic.

My swimming on the other hand is coming along nicely. I've been getting tips from some of the local "fish" and I can tell it is really helping. Most annoyingly, my left foot darts out on my right stroke, breaking the "tube." It's something that I've got to work on... even if it's only costing me a couple of seconds per race, it's time I desperately need. Still, after my result in the Storm the Fort swim, I can't be too unhappy with how things are progressing.

Running is pretty static at the moment, I'm still increasing volume, although it won't "really" be going up until after I come back from the beach. Saturday I had a 90' run in what I can only describe as the aftershock of the Great Deluge. Going out it was just pouring down rain, but at the turnaround point (you know... 5 1/2 miles from home) I noticed that the trails weren't draining fast enough. By the time I got on my way back, I had to do my best Oregon Trail impression and ford a couple of floods!

In non-training news... it's time to build the Cervelo!

While not a TOTAL swap from the Planet X (Which is on it's way to Single Speed land) it is certainly going to be accepting a lot of donations. Here's the build sheet as it looks so far

Trying to get the measurements set in the "Bicycle Graveyard"

- Cervelo P3(aluminum) frame
- Cervelo aluminum (possibly end up with carbon) aero seatpost
- Ceramic Speed Bottom Bracket
- Dura Ace 7800 Crankset (170mm)
- Osymetric 56/42 Chainrings
- Dura Ace 7800 Front Derailleur
- Dura Ace 7900 Rear Derailleur
- Tririg Omega Front / Rear brake Calipers
- Alligator I-links and I-link mini's for cables
- Arundel Chrono Aero Bottle

I've also imported my cockpit from the Planet X, however I am itching to try out a 3T Ventus (or maybe a USE Tula) on this build. The upside is that the Ventus is a nutty slick aerobar. The downside is that it's a very "fixed" cockpit. To emulate my position will require a good amount of tinkering and adjusting/sawing/dremeling/whatevering to make it work. I'm down for the challenge, just not at the price Ventus bar's generally bring. If I lucked into a good deal I'd certainly give it a try though.

The stem (which wouldn't be an issue with the Ventus) I'm using is a Ritchey adjustable. This is a rock-solid stem I use on pretty much all of my bikes, but that said, I'd like to track down the "big daddy" LOOK Ergo-stem. Unfortunately these things are pretty rare (especially a non-threaded one) but I have my eye out.

Lastly is the fork. The stock "Cervelo" one (before the Wolf) is a fine fork, but I'm much more interested in hunting down a Blackwell Research Time Bandit or an Argos (MDT?) Flat blade fork. Again, rare parts, especially when they have to be 1" size. Still, the hunt goes on.

Wheels will of course be my old standby Hed3 front (with Aerowing) and Powertap rear (with GP4000s probably) and latex.

I'm also considering trying to build my own cockpit. It's probably a pipe dream (and of course i'm terribly poor at FINISHING projects.) but it would be really sweet.

I have been working on my carbon fiber work and I did a repair on a carbon steerer that was cracked. Everything looks like it's good to go (other than needing sanded smooth) no way this thing isn't as good as it was from the factory. (If not stronger) I guess I may end up being the crash test dummy though...

Overwrapped it most likely... but I wanted to err on the side of "more" instead of "less."

Well, that's it for this week. Thanks for reading :)

- Christopher Morelock

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