Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pictures from Paradise

Part Dos (hey, Cinco de Mayo was Monday... or it was Revenge of the Fifth for you Star Wars nerds...)

Before I finish up talking about my vacation, I wanted to mention a movie I saw over the weekend.

The posters are some of the coolest for any film...ever.

The fact that this movie exists is pretty sweet. Check out the Wikipedia page on it and check out some of the covert ops that went into making it.

As far as the movie itself goes, it's...surreal... I think that's the best way to classify it. After reading (but before seeing) about it, my mind placed it first as a horror movie (it's not) and then as more of a "clockwork orange" style (not that either.) film, and finally as a parody (nope). What it actually is is tough to nail down. I liked the movie, but it doesn't fall into any category I can think of. I suggest watching it, but do your best to go into it without any pre-conceived notions as to what to expect. I think you'll be happier that way.

Anyways, back to the beach (I wish)

Nothing near as story worthy happened once we arrived on 30a. So instead of a play by play, here's some pictures I managed to snap with a little musing.

On my ride one day I snapped this picture, entering Alys Beach, which none, one of the most beautiful "urban" spots to ride that I've ever been to. It's also really fun to chase cars at the 25mph speed limit.  You can also see the trail that lines both sides of the road if you don't want to be battling traffic.

This picture does nothing but prove that you can't take a picture on the Internet at face value. Not pictured are the 50+ times I tried to do a handstand and either fell on my face immediately or didn't get the picture taken before face planting. This made a slick facebook profile picture though ;)
Of course, no trip to the beach is complete without some culinary expeditions. This year was absolutely no exception. Normally in my day to day routine I follow a pretty boring eating schedule. I eat, basically without fail, the same thing for breakfast and lunch 99% of the time, and generally don't branch out too far for dinner. That doesn't mean I don't love different (and, terrible for you) food though.

Bacon, Eggs, Frito chips, a soft tortilla shell, some leftover shredded chicken and rice. Breakfast of Champions.
 Of course breakfast, despite being the most important meal of the day, isn't the most fun. That's dinner.

Salad, Grilled shrimp skewers, barbecue peel&eat shrimp, Scalloped potatoes, Sirloin and grilled Cobia with Pineapple. If you didn't walk away from this meal full, there was something terribly wrong with you. Also, this was my first experience with Cobia fish... which is now in a tight arms race with Tuna as my favorite fish to throw on the grill!

The "awww" photo of this post. She's pretty awesome... even if she did over stuff the washing machine. (which resulted in a broken washer and me doing laundry by hand... the horror.)
I tried to get the sun in the picture, but I'm just terrible at selfies. I thought it was a good picture of Jenny in her gangster hat though. I somehow managed to bungle every picture of the sunset this year. Alas.
Of course none of my trips to the beach are truly finished without talking a little about vices. Cigars and Booze... is there a more manly way to finish off a trip to the beach.
The last night on the patio Wes and myself spent smoking good cigars and drinking expensive Whiskey. That's how you know a trip has been successful... finish it off with all the vices.

That was a little look into my trip to the sandy gulf. I hope you enjoyed my recounting at least a portion of as much as I enjoyed making the memories.

Play time is over though... Rev3 looms (next weekend actually) and following hot on it's heels will be Nationals. Fortunately my power on the bike has quickly returned (I'm hitting numbers similar to the end of last year.) and my run is much improved. Swimming is holding steady (which is good considering the little I'm managing to get in the water.) so I'm hoping to have some big days coming up.

Don't forget... Mother's Day is SUNDAY. Get your momma a card you bums!

As always, thank you all so much for taking the time to read through. Despite this blog being a "triathlon" blog in name, it's truly more about the "triathlete" and my life, so thanks for sharing in the journey!

Until Next Time

-Christopher Morelock

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