Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Short race report and some thoughts before Nationals

A day early! I'll be leaving early (10-12 hours driving in the morning) Thursday and will likely need most of tomorrow to finish any work related stuff (I do work... occasionally) and get packed. Most of this post will be RR from the last tuneup (Springbrook Sprint) but there is some flavor at the end as well talking about my goals this weekend. Again... hope to see any and all of you at Nationals, I'll be wearing my Cobb gear. Say Hi :)

All CopyPasta from my RR on Beginnertriathlete.com. Link is here if you'd prefer to read it in that format and/or check my splits.

Last warm up before Nationals... just going out to keep all the rust off the gears. 

Warm up - 

Started off with a solid run. About a mile and a half on the course, just getting a feel for some of the hills. Back to transition and off to get some time on the bike. My new (steel) fork made a nice squeal every time I turned (fork+skewer... had to get some anti-seize to quieten it down) but it felt good. Got back to transition and my spot had been taken (despite me clearly marking it with my stuff and a shirt over the spot my bike should have fit.) I grumble but nobody is around and I'm not the kind of person to just shove somebodies stuff around, (and my spot had already sucked) so I just move my area down a few feet. Then it's into the pool for a few laps and in line for the swim start.

Standing around looking like an idiot (far right)

Swim - 2:55 (12th)
Short and sweet. Cut 4 seconds off of last years time so I suppose I was moderately happy with that. However I gave up 30" to some of the faster guys, which is a mountain of time in a swim this short. 

Do I look like I'm joking!

T1 - 1:14
T1 is a very long run from the pool to transition. I picked up 7 seconds from my time last year :/ Primarily due to having to fight with getting my bike out of my transition spot and running around the racks. I step on and take off, narrowly missing being taken out by a rogue competitor trying to get clipped in. As transition exits on a hill, I waited until cresting it to worry about getting into my shoes. 

heading out to do work
Bike - 23:04 (2nd)
I smoked the bike course last year and paid for it on the run. My goal this year was to take it easier, but still put out a good pace. 

Once again on the rough pavement I nearly lost my torhans aero straw. I jammed it back on three times (and when I got home drilled a hole through it to bolt it on. permanently...take that) which broke my rhythm and just generally annoyed the crap out of me. 

The steel fork was fine, not any more noticeable road vibration. 

I passed a couple of people, eventually working my way into what I figured was an excellent position (hard to tell in a tt start) and start getting out of my shoes for t2. At the last turn the pavement was VERY bumpy... I hit it full speed and very nearly eat it when my foot slides off my shoe. I recover and it's into T2 I go.

I always think I look so cool coming into dismount... but pictures prove otherwise...

T2 - :31
I come into T2 hot, which is probably not the smartest thing to do since there are still a LOT of people starting out on the bike. I still gave up a good bit of time somewhere unfortunately(probably again part of my sucky transition spot) but I can't think of anything overly boneheaded I did.

This one can just speak for itself...

Run - 18:22 (9th)
Goal was to take it easy and move into a steady pace after the first mile. I executed fairly well I think, and although my run wasn't setting any trails on fire, it was fairly good for me... and I didn't walk ;)

Podium time

Overall - 45:52 (2nd OA)
So overall I had a pretty good race. I think I went a little too easy on the bike this year (overcompensation) but not too much. I was happy with everything except the :30 I gave up in the swim. My plan this off season is to grow some gills and/or nail down my swimming.  Although I'm seemingly becoming a worse cyclist it's in favor of becoming a better rounded triathlete, so I can't be upset with that. Run speed is still pretty lacking for short course, but that is not unexpected at this point. I'm likely one more year of trying to tack on speed before I start pushing for longer distances again, so I've got time to improve some more.

Thursday morning I'll be on the road to Milwaukee. As I said in earlier posts, dreams of a top-25 are behind me certainly for the Olympic, and likely for the sprint as well (although I may still have a shot there...and possibly in the roll down) So, goals stated to look back at next week (or the next...depending on how I feel when I get home next week)

1.) Have fun. Race the best I have on the day without any self brow beating.
2.) PR the Olympic distance. That means 2:12:38 or better.
3.) Gut out the Sprint and leave everything I've got on the table.
4.) Not hold back in either race no matter how I think I'm doing. Race to the end of both on the redline.
5.) Not make any silly mistakes (nutrition wise, equipment wise, new on race day, etc.)

I normally don't ask it, but if you had the chance/will, I'd accept any prayer/karma/vibes/thoughts in the positive that my family and girlfriend (and myself) have a safe trip down and back. And if you wanted to throw in any miracle talk for a perfect day (or two in a row) I wouldn't be opposed to that either ;)

Thanks all for reading. I hope to have something entertaining at the least to report next week :)

- Christopher Morelock

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