Friday, September 12, 2014

An Apology and Explanation

I've written this a couple of times so far... I don't want to copy/paste each one, but at a certain point it gets hard to say it in different words... nonetheless, I will type it out again.

My last night and day has been a bit hellish. After being in contact with USAT about the results of Aquabike Nationals, I am NOT the M30-34 Age Group champion. The basic breakdown goes something like this.

- Adam Kuncel (Your true M30-34 Age Group Champion) finished 3rd overall. This removed him from the M30-34 age group for awards at the REV3 Aquabike race.

- I was the second M30-34 finisher. After Adam was removed from age group awards, I was bumped to first in M30-34.

- At the awards ceremony, top3 men (and women) are awarded their National Champ jerseys and other prizes.

- In age group awards, 1st place is awarded the National Champ jersey in their AG.

This only becomes an issue if you have a case like mine, where in the Rev3 race Adam was removed, but as far as USAT Nationals is concerned, he is still 1st AG.

- I accept my prizes/awards, including a National Champion Jersey.

In my carelessness, euphoria, whatever you want to call it, I did not question it, I was simply excited to have it.

- I start posting about winning National Champion blah blah.

- Thursday evening I contact USAT (after a twitter post I read spurred it on) and Friday at 11:22 it is confirmed I did NOT win the M30-34 Age Group. (as far as USAT is concerned)

It is 100% my fault. There is absolutely no blame to be placed anywhere but my shoulders. I obviously attempted to promote/use the national champion status for gains, but only with the 100% assumption that I WAS the M30-34 National Champion.

I am very sorry to anyone who has read this blog (or any of my social media) who has been led to false information. It was never my intention to to take anything away from another competitor or take something that wasn't mine in the first place.

I'm very sorry to the Cobb Mobb, my friends and my family, or any others who I may have unintentionally hurt or caused duress to.

Again, fault is squarely mine, and due to negligence or excitement... neither is a worthy excuse.  I can only again say I'm sorry for my failings.

Thank all of you for the support, congratulations, well wishes, or whatever... despite it being for a false accomplishment, your input was real and heart warming.

Thank You

- Christopher Morelock

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  1. I really doubt that anyone thinks you were being sneaky, sounds like an honest mistake and a lot of confusion! Still brother, I would be excited with 2nd! That is nothing to be ashamed about!!! I really do not know you except for your blog and through BT, but I have a feeling that you will use this experience as fuel for next season, and I am glad we are not in the same age group!