Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Watching others do work at Rev3 Anderson

"I said my race season is over and I meant it dangit."

That was the battle that raged in my mind at the end of last week. I was 100% sure I was going to go to Anderson to hang out, but as the time approached I felt the urge to get "one more" race in for the year. Eventually reason won out (I have good reasons to take a break and would expect more out of this race than I was in shape to produce.) and I loaded up the car Saturday morning and made the drive to Jimmy and Sharon's house to hitch a ride with them up to the venue.

We arrived (mostly, emergency "dehydrate" gas station stop aside) without incident and I had my first experience with Chipotle for lunch. While certainly a decent meal, I'm not sure what the big fuss is about... give me a MOE's any day.  After refueling we got Sharon checked into the race, hung out with Rocky Top Multisport Club for a bit, drove the course (and got Jimmy and Sharon's required lover's spat out of the way... heh...) got a good run in and finally got checked into our motel.

Our motel was actually NOT quite this shady... barely.
The Deane household (who seemingly hold stock in LQ) are good folk to bunk with though, so even with less than 5 star accommodations I had a great time. I even had an opportunity to show off my handyman skills and fix the toilet. (a couple of times)

Saturday evening we had the pre-race dinner at Olive Garden, where I got to sit in with the RTMC guys and gals and have an all around good time... without the stress of having to race the next morning :) I think the one thing that really brought us together over dinner was how Gorgon-like our waitress was. Man she had a crazy stare.

Soup or salad?
After that it was back to the motel to see how Kona was going (and watch Rinny's incredible run!) and down to bed.

Race morning came early and was accompanied by a light drizzle. We managed to get one last flush out of the toilet (after filling the tank with buckets of water) and then it was off to the races... well, at least after we rounded out our exquisite dining choices with a stop by Bojangles, where Jimmy made the epic mistake of not specifying "bo-rounds" and ending up with french fries. (Who serves fries for breakfast?)

Transition Pre Flood.

Since transition was split we had to take the bus over to t1 and the swim start. About the time we exit the bus and begin walking to t1 the rain decides to pick up from a light drizzle to a moderate pour. Jimmy and myself hang around the edge of the gates and meet up with most of the RTMC guys and gals when the rain begins an epic downpour. We sprint for the nearest shelter, but I'm already soaked through... my Nationals jacket is more windbreaker than actual rain shield so I am absolutely freezing almost immediately. With the car a bus ride away however, there isn't much I can do but suffer.

On the plus side I got a good group picture for RTMC as we hid from the rain

You can make out the nutty downpour behind me. Oh yeah... Cobb Mobb trucker and T.

Eventually due to the weather the 70.3 athletes must settle for a shortened swim, but fortunately nobody is forced into a duathlon.  I wish everyone a good race and find my way to the viewing dock, shivering and waiting for the start. After the gun, Jimmy makes his way up to get a glimpse of Sharon going in, and then we make our way back to t1 as the rain begins to subside.

swim venue
 We hang around swim exit and see all of our friends come out of the water, then catch the bus back to t2 to watch the finish (and finally change into some dry clothes)

Nick coming into T2 
I hang around the line watching the college athletes finish (and one fellow barfing more than I thought possible. He may have been on the Schleck fueling plan and had 30 gu's AND a deep fried turkey...) and cheer on the RTMC athletes as they came through. Nick put down a sub 40' 10k and finished 5th overall in the Olympic, Allison crushed the Aquabike and... as usual... Sharon rocked the Athena's.

Allison and Beccah bringing in the Aquabike with the shortest run ever.

Sharon making it look easy.

After the awards the rain had begun once more, so we quickly loaded up the car and made our way to the local Mexican restaurant to chow down on an awesome post race meal (mine being shrimp covered in bacon. I felt like I deserved it...)  then it was back in the car for the (overly long due to road work) trip home.

Congrats to all of the RTMC guys and gals, who all did awesome... and to everyone else competing (or spectating) that had to deal with the deluge on Sunday. There were times throughout the day that I wished I was competing (standing soaked in my clothes looking at people in their wetsuits was one of those times) but overall I'm perfectly happy that I chose to stay on the sidelines.

Already the cogs are turning for 2015 as I tentatively start to pencil in my race schedule. You'll definitely be seeing a lot ore 70.3 distance races in my future, and hopefully more traveling events. 

So, thanks for reading. It's a short secondhand report, but I had a blast. 

- Christopher Morelock

Oh... and this picture is so sick it needs posted again. (and again)

That is flat balls of steel. (image from Competitor)

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  1. Still laughing at the stellar report. Easily the most fun I have ever had at a race, rain and all. It is now going to be a mandatory tradition, you realize that right?