Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Closing in on a return to training.

A little under two weeks left. Time has gone from passing by at a palatable level to chilled black strap molasses crawling. I am becoming restless.

That said, I've been getting things in order for my (hopefully) imminent return. By now you've likely at least read a little bit about Zwift (with LTD and Jens both being big supporters) and, being that it combines two things I love (cycling and video games) I was immediately sold on it. I'm in the beta (albeit I've yet to ride the island) and even went so far as to build a(nother) computer with the sole intention of running Zwift in the pain cave.

Next step is to clean up the cables.

I expect to spend a LOT of time with this in the coming months, so I wanted a dedicated setup to make it work. Zwift isn't a terribly resource sapping game, so I was able to escape with the cheapo gaming computer build... about $700 (counting the 32" TV I picked up at an bargain hunt store) and it'll play at pretty high setting without dropping any frames.  It's crazy how cheaply you can put together a solid gaming PC these days. 

Being the gear-phile that I am, I also lucked into a new lid. My LBS happened to be one of the lucky shops that had a S-Works TT helmet in stock... and it was my favorite color!

Look fast even when you're not able to race
I'm excited, this thing is high on features (admittedly it's also high on price, although it's less than a lot of the other "super" helmets) and extremely comfortable the little bit I've worn it. It also seems to line up well for me.  Whether it's faster or not is yet to be determined, but I've got high hopes.

On the last note for this update... I've been back to have more blood drawn. I'm very interested to see what kind of changes have taken place in my body since the last visit. My hope is that my worrisome levels have righted themselves with the supplementation and rest. I'm sure I'll have a little bit of a comparison on here once I've been over it with my doctor.

Thanks for checking in on me. Excitement is mounting, I can't wait to be back.

- Christopher Morelock


  1. Just got my zwift setup rolling today. See you on the island!

  2. Good good, I'll have somebody to draft off of ;)