Wednesday, August 24, 2016

An exciting new tool

One thing I have a problem with is wanting to try out too many different things.  It's the natural tinkerer in me to always push the bleeding edge, and nowhere does it come out more than in my own TT bike fit. Some would certainly say I mess with it too much (I'm sure I do) but there are just so many combinations of setups possible that I absolutely want to try them all before I decide what is right for me.

There are some issues with that of course. One of the big one's is actually doing the aerodynamic testing required to figure out what is best. That's of course a logistic nightmare when you are using the Chung method because many of the changes require full cockpit swaps... making cabling a problem. Of course that's quite a bit later in the process... there are a lot of setups I've tried that never made it to that point, as they were just "not for me" from the get go. Unfortunately, those still often require the same amount of wrenching as the "possible" setups. Lots of time invested vs minimum return.

With matching Arione ;)

Until I stumbled onto this little fellow. A friend was cleaning out some of his stuff to put towards a Jeep, and this Serotta fit bike absolutely struck me as the perfect tool for me.

Already I've tried out a myriad of different positions. I talked a while back about some excellent articles/work that Dan Empfield (Slowman) had done lately for fitting x/y coordinates, and while there was some very useful information to be gleaned from it, I decided the first thing I'd do (well... maybe the second) with the Serotta was to take those (averaged) x/y coordinates (he used Game of Thrones folk to characterize the positions) and see how each of them looked on me.

Alien, Ygritte, Ramsey and Davos

Interesting stuff, I was actually pretty surprised at how I ended up looking in some of them, a few that I thought would look pretty poor for me actually looked pretty good.

The next step is to drill and tap some shorter holes in the crankarm, add another stem piece (the current one only accepts 26.0 bars and doesn't let you use your own stems) and just some general upkeep on it.

An odd post for sure... I was just super excited about it and thought I'd share.

And why was I super excited... because of stuff like this.

It's a bird, it's a plane... it's an aero nerd!

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!

- Christopher Morelock

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