Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Third Dimension

Very quick update this week. Tax time for a used car salesman means it's been a slightly busy week. Anything to feed the addiction, right?

While this toy was purchased primarily for work applications (right, wink wink) I have no doubt I'll be able to get a couple of good results out of it for cycling.

Rise of the machines?

I'm fully out of my element, I took a couple of classes on 3D modeling in college (Is Maya still a thing!?)  and have some very, very basic knowledge of CAD software, but this thing is like a science project on steroids. Time will tell if it is a life changing piece of equipment, or just a toy.

Thanks for checking in on me, I promise we're going to get back on normal content schedule in the near future.

- Christopher Morelock

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