Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Shout out and a few pics from US Nats TT

First, let me send a huge shout out to

I was going to build a fixed gear clincher for training on and wound up goofing up my order (totally my mistake, just didn't pay attention to what was in my cart.) They spotted the error and fixed it for me. That's after helping me work out the right spoke length so I didn't have to measure it all myself and THEN order spokes later. (I'm lazy what can I say) Just thought I'd share an above and beyond experience with a great place to deal with.

For my build I went with the TR269 hub, H+Son SL42 and some Sapim Race spokes (32spokes)
Nothing overly exotic or fancy, just a good solid training wheel.

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I've got it almost done, just a little more radial "perfection" and the final tensioning. Then to get out there and beat it up.

Over the weekend US Pro Nationals came to town, and I got to see some great racing on Saturday! It's my first time seeing the World Champion jersey in person, which is pretty awesome! Here's a couple of photo's I snagged (Sorry, I am a crappy photographer)

Knoxville local Stephen Bassett

The world champion on her way to being the US champion as well

Maria Foley Danker also representing Knoxville!

And of course Jimmy being Jimmy. Now world famous!

It was a great event, happy to see it returning!

Have a great week everyone!

Thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate it!

- Christopher Morelock

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