Monday, October 29, 2012

And now for something completely different.

First, in the spirit of keeping my posts triathlon related (at least to some extent) I'll recap how things are going on that front this past week.

- Running mileage is still on the rise. Sadly East TN has taken a decided turn for the worst in terms of weather... from shorts to coats over the weekend. Being the hater of the dreadmill that I am, I snagged this little life saver for 1/2 off on
Makes all your cold feelings into warm feelings!

I'm usually not a big fan of running jackets, but this one is just breathable enough that I can stand it on my long runs without overheating. I wouldn't say Saucony makes a handsome jacket, but it's undeniably nice!

- I'm about halfway through with the CAAD8. Which is to say I just applied the second layer of primer this morning. The magic solution for getting your paint to look good is... strip, prime, sand, prime, sand, paint, sand, paint, sand, stickers, clear, sand, clear, sand. For the most part I use 1500 grit... you really just want everything nice and smooth before you move on to the next part.

And that's really it in the tri related world. Adding mileage to runs, maintaining swimming and biking (or at least trying to minimize losses) and working on the projects. That's how "off season's" tend to pan out for me... work on something specific and try to take a little extra time to catch up on life (read: Drink more)

-------------------------------------end tri stuff-------------------------------------

So in my Clark Kent life things have been busier. That's pretty normal for the end of tri season too... I'm never in lack of projects to keep me busy, and with extra time (not driving to the pool every day or two is huge haha) it always seems like I get in over my head pretty quickly.

- As a used car salesman it's always a "perk" to get to play with the interesting cars that come in. We generally try to keep a few "classics" on the lot, and low and behold if this little fellow didn't find himself a new home (with us) last weekend.
70 Coronet Super Bee! 383 w/ factory Air... nice.
  Fixing up old cars is basically the same game as fixing up bikes, except on a grander scale. This guy is a good 20 footer, but with a little work (and some serious ebay/online parts grinding) I'm hoping to turn a pretty nifty profit. Enough to keep my other addictions going at least!

- My old roommate got married last weekend!  He had an absolute blast of a reception (that is, an open bar) and we all managed to get our boogie shoes on and dance the night away. I feel a bit sorry for the bride's father (he thought we were all nuttier than squirrel poo... which... may be accurate) but on the whole everything went off without a hitch.
Groom (far right) and the rest of us jokers. I'm rocking the Red Solo Cup of course.
I wish I could convey how happy I am for the bride and groom, but since I can't... I'll just repeat my congratulations! Hopefully when he comes home from now on if anyone is naked it'll be his wife and not his roommate passed out in the floor. Not that that's ever happened...lately...

- Great joy to the world! I was doing my grocery shopping last night and was struck by a glorious sight!

Build your own hangover!
Eggnog is back on the shelves! Now, I won't lie to you, I'm a Christmas man for all the wrong reasons. One of my favorite movies of all time is Christmas Vacation... and I absolutely love the campiness you can get away with around Christmastime. I also love some good ole' Jameson Irish Whiskey... together we have a winning combo. Just add a cheesy Snowman (or Moose) mug and...well... things don't get much better.

- Finally, I've started to work on my (majorly) backed up paintings again. It feels weird picking up a (overly expensive... hey, I love nice bristles) paint brush after so long away from the canvas. No, I'm not throwing a picture of my canvas work on here... I'm a bit too shy when it comes to my work for that :) I will throw a random picture out of my sketchbook on here though...

Terrible Scan... Link and Zelda
I've been thinking of painting something Tri related for a while, no idea what it will be though. Actually, who am I kidding... I accepted my last commission (what I'm working on now) last year and it's not even halfway done :( (Hey, it's done when it's done) so I suppose I am not going to have much time for my own stuff in the near future!

Well, that's what I've got this week! Thanks for stopping by and seeing what's up in my life.
Next week... my Birthday!

- Christopher Morelock


  1. Hey Chris, Memphis TN here, and it was cold this morning! Great blog, saw it on the BT thread!

  2. Same thing here in South GA, was wearing shorts last week and all of a sudden we have found ourselves in long sleeves and pants. I am trying to accept the fact that this is now the off season but it is upsetting. Unfortunately I don't have all the various projects you have to keep myself busy, but I have a stack of good books to read.

    1. Ahh I've got to find something new to read, just finished Chrissie Wellington's book.