Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday - to me :)

Firstly, my apologies for being a day or two late. Recovery from birthday weekend and all that...

Running towards living long enough to be a dirty old man.

Well, it's that time of the year again. Time to celebrate beating the odds and successfully not perishing these last 365 days. This birthday is probably the first "important" one I've had since I turned 25... (insurance went down! Booya!) not because of my actual age (ahem... 29) but because of my racing age. That's right, I've aged up into the 30-34M category at most races. No longer will being a fairly good biker, passable swimmer and mediocre runner cut the mustard. Now it's either get fast or go home. (In a couple more years, it'll be time to go to the nursing home!)

Zipp has yet to release and discs for this bad boy.
That said, I'm trying! My running mileage has been coming up (although both my biking and my swimming miles are embarrassingly low) and I have stopped feeling like I've had the absolute crap beat out of me every time I walk back in the door, so I'd say that's forward progress. I guess it's time to sign up for a Turkey Trot and get a race under my belt before I gorge myself on Thanksgiving dinner.

So looking back from my birthday, and because really, I've been rather boring this last week or two (well... I have certainly had some wild nights... but this isn't a blog about hellraising... well... mostly.) I think we'll go back through pictures (they're each worth a lot of words I hear) of my time in triathlon (and the M25-29 AG)
That's right, 200lbs of Hanes sock and Schwinn Helmets!

 My first true love. I still ride this bad boy on occasion.

Then I wrecked... broke my collarbone... had surgery... you know...

Picture of the damage

Back in the water not 3 months later! Still not a good swimmer though!
Rev3 Knoxville... my disaster of a first OWS. Somehow I lived... and vowed to learn to swim (good)
And at the end of the same year at Rev3 Cedar Point. This time I was ready for Lake Erie
Loving every minute of the 112miles of cycling. HTFU Disc's first appearance!
140.6 later... I'm an Iron Full Revver
Learning to lose a bit of modesty. TT skinsuit and shaved legs!
Pretending to be a roadie. A far cry from the beginning... I've got a real jersey!
Post Augusta with some cool wall art!

I suppose I'll stop there. I've got some more good pictures, but I may need to use them at some other time! :)

I'd like to thank all of you that read through my little story here, and for sharing this part of my journey!

Until next time (and maybe some real substance!)
-Christopher Morelock


  1. Happy late Bday Chris! And yeah, the 30-45 AG years are faster than the earlier years overall in my opinion. I know my times would have me closer to the top of younger AG's, but mid pack of my 'old mans" group! But that makes it fun!

    You should consider doing Memphis in May in 2013! Great race!

  2. Happy late birthday, old man! Love the pics ...that walker is sweet!! :)