Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Florida on my mind

I've got a confession to make.
I'm ready to get the hell out of Tennessee. I'm ready to say *F* structured training. I'm ready to gain a couple of pounds binge eating and drinking mojito's. I'm ready to sleep in past 5a.m. for a while.

I'm ready for vacation.
30a. One of the best sunrises I've ever seen.
No, this isn't some cry for help. I'm not about to re-structure my life or anything like that... from the end of October to next August (Nationals) I plan to train my ass off. After Nationals I plan to move back to long course racing and continue to set PR's at every distance. I plan to get a ticket to the big island. All that is on the horizon.

But right now, I just need a break.

Physically I've ended this season in better shape than I ever have. In 2010, after the Full Rev3 event, I had screwed up my lower body so bad (cough...undertrained...cough) it took me two months of doing nothing to feel "normal" again. In 2011 I raced Augusta with a jacked up Hamstring that kept me from running almost until the beginning of 2012. At the end of 2012, after ramping up mileage to work on my run, I re-injured my hamstring and spent Jan/Feb of this year limping around. This year... I feel good. (knock on wood) Not just good, but really good. I'm hitting my best numbers ever, I'm recovering day to day better than I have before, and I'm motivated to crush 2014 and 2015. 

And yet I wake up to run this morning (10 miler on a Wednesday...yawn) and all I can think about is surf, sand and sun. I think that's a good and healthy thing... despite feeling good, my body likely could use a week off from constant pounding, and when I start to look at my bike workouts and think "uhgg..." I know it's about time I take a mental break. Sometimes we (and myself especially) get caught up in the whole "more is more" thought process, but sometimes less really is more. I mean, everyone deserves a break...right :)

I plan to wake up next week, go for a few runs on the beach, pedal to a couple of coffee shops / sand bars, and swim in the ocean... but mainly I am going to be focused on recovering, doing a little yoga (I know, not my thing usually) in the morning and doing a crapton of Stand Up Paddleboarding. All mixed with a bunch of time being a lazy bum.
So next week I may or may not have a regularly scheduled post. It'll be short if I do (it'll be from my phone) but hopefully I'll be able to throw a picture or two up... if only to make everyone else jealous.

Oh yeah... the Cervelo build is finished. Whether or not the 100k bars will work out is yet to be seen (first "ride" on them outside this afternoon if it doesn't rain) but I'm happy about the position and the buildup. First few rides on the trainer have been promising.

All built up and nowhere to go...

Posted again (added late last week) for position reference. Feels good man :)

And so as always, thanks for reading. I'll be back with more...later.

-Christopher Morelock


  1. Nice bike. I watch some of your posts on ST and BT and see you have this bike now but had a planet x before. How do they compare? Is the P3 faster, ride rougher, etc or was the PX a smoother but maybe slower ride? Those P3SL's a sweet bikes regardless.

    1. Hey Chris,
      The P3 should be a faster frame, with internal routing, smaller and better designed tubes and a full cutout. Hard to say the #'s difference between the two, but from things we do know I'd say it's pretty significant (at least in the world of bike to bike aerodynamic significance)

      The Planet X was stiffer (I can see flex on the P3 on the trainer and couldn't on the X) but in real world riding I'm 99.9% sure you'd never be able to notice. I still haven't gotten many rides (besides on the trainer) with the P3 yet, so the ride is up in the air... I assume it's pretty similar other than having no base bar currently. If I end up putting a Ventus on it I'm pretty confident it'll be a seamless swap.

      Thanks :) I really like it (and the Planet X will be back... just picked up a single speed crank for it)