Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's a winter sport

As race season has ended and the short cold days are upon us, I often get asked by friends/family/randoms... what kind of break do you take in the off season?
The answer usually surprises them. Race season IS the off season. I get to have fun on the weekends and generally focus on keeping form / healthy instead of getting faster. Now is when the real work gets put in. Nobody likes 5a.m. runs in 20° weather, but getting those days in in November will pay off in May.
You're doing it wrong
"Triathlon is a winter sport contested in the summer." That's a motto I've followed basically from the beginning, and I still think it's true. That said, it's also holiday time and we all need to try being social every now and then, so I've been trying to do my long workouts during the week and taking a little more time off on the weekends. Saturday I had an easy 45min run (although Wednesday I had an 11 miler) and got to spend the rest of the day messing around. Of course Sunday I had a pretty painful brick
For those who want a fun workout right under 2 hours
20' warmup  (Had some spinups, 4x1' near ftp, 2x2' tempo, the rest z2)
20' Race Pace + (260w - RPE 8)
10' spin
20' Race Pace + (260w - RPE8)
straight off the bike into a 30' Tempo run.
10' jog/walk/cooldown
Next Thursday is Thanksgiving, and my Turkey Trot 5k. I'm a bit nervous... 5k's are tough for me, just a study in misery. It's been almost a year since I've done one and I'm hopeful that I can break 19 minutes (that'd be a 21 second PR) or at the very least break my old PR.
I figure basically everyone has seen this by now... but just in case you haven't, here's the most epic Volvo commercial ever. I grew up watching Van Damme movies (Bloodsport is still one of the movies I watch every Christmas...weird I know... but it's just awesome!) and despite his rough run (remember that train wreck of a movie with Dennis Rodman... yeah me neither) the dude can still pull off some entertaining stuff. (If you have never seen JCVD, I suggest you put it on the list.)
Anyways, besides the epic splits being awesome, driving two semi's backwards like that is also pretty sweet. Also, best use of Enya music EVER. Check it out.
Was that freaking awesome or what?
Black Friday is now Black Thursday... wtf. Also, a high % of the deals this year are just regurgitated from last year (down to being the exact same item)
Any good deals? Meh. Target seems to be closing out the Nook tablets. You can get the 8gb HD for under $100. Once you jailbreak it it turns into a pretty nice tablet for that price. (Of course you have to jump some hoops to get to that point) Gamespot had the 2012 Galaxy Note for $99 earlier this month on closeout... I had a brain fart and waited too long to go to my local store and get one (or more...) sigh. That was a pretty insane deal.
On the tri related front... even more meh. Haven't seen anything too exciting out there. I'm sure most local shops will have some kind of deal, but nothing that will get me out of bed. I'm more of a Cyber Monday kind of guy anyways.
Thank you everyone for reading. As always, I appreciate it! Happy training!
- Christopher Morelock

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