Wednesday, November 27, 2013


That's right ladies and gentlemen! It's time! Time for that obligatory Thanksgiving post.

The turkey, the corn, the candles... the brick wall? I'm thankful for google image search...

Well, we're quickly closing in on Black Friday I mean Black Thursday oh Yeah Thanksgiving... although lets be honest, after Halloween all that really gets shoved down your throat is Christmas. In all honesty, I saw the displays up before Halloween this year, but whatever... Christmas in July amirite?

So, in unbelievably unoriginal fashion... the things I am thankful for.
(I'm going to skip the Family/Friend/blah blah blah that you don't care about. This is just STUFF.)

- Road ID
Starting at $17.99

Remember when Yellow Bands were the rage?

IMO an essential bit of gear. I run and ride pretty often with no other form of identification. Even if you figure it's likely the MD's won't even look at it for your medical history (or whatever) maybe someone will call somebody who knows you. And, if you're witty enough, you might even get a chuckle out of the people helping you out.

- Izumi Pearl Wind Mitts
Around $30 (and under)

Bright lobster claws!

I stumbled onto these little guys on a runningwarehouse sale. It's getting cold (20°ish) here it TN and I have some real trouble keeping "comfortable" on my morning runs. Even with pretty thick gloves the wind is enough to cut through and freeze my digits. At these temps though it's kind of uncomfortable to do double wraps or really thick mitts. (sweaty hands suck too) so these things are a blessing. Lightweight, fairly warm and with a removable wind shield. My new go-to gloves for the winter.

- Short Screws

Screw you Mizuno. (Seriously, you guys should be ashamed of the Wave Rider 14)

Running on the trails by my house can be sketchy this time of year. Since most of it is in a low area it's not uncommon for water to stand longer than normal... of course when it's cold as sh*t outside that means random frozen spots at 5a.m. While for true "ice" running they make some products / shoes that would work better, for a varied terrain nothing beats an old pair of running shoes with some screws in the bottom. Not enough bulk to mess you up on the dry parts of the trail, but plenty of grip if you run into some ice. And, it's priced right!

- Eggnog

Eggnog in a Snowman mug... that's living the high life.
It's that time of year. The time that I can pick up terribly unhealthy milk and egg based product at my local supermarket/gas station. Now I know what you're thinking... can't I just make the stuff any time I want? Well... I could... but I'm pretty bad at making stuff... especially stuff that goes bad pretty quick. So, it's store brand for me. I've also started expanding my horizons with the 'nog. Most of my (adult...ish) life I've been an E&J Brandy kind of guy. This year I'm branching out, including some Sailor Jerry rum and even some Jack Daniels in the mix to shake things up. And the great thing about eggnog? If it's a terrible combination you'll never know... because eggnog covers the taste of literally anything.


All that aside, I would like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving. I'll be up early running my 5k (Turkey Trot... here's hoping for a sub 19) and then spending the rest of the day with the family and missus. Hopefully I'll be back next week with some positive results :)

This is why we must eat all the turkey!

Thanks so much for reading

- Christopher Morelock


Ended up with a 19:17 this morning. Good enough for 1st in M30-34 and 10th OA (out of 1500!) but not what I was going for :/

Still, it was a pretty good race, PR'd my 5k time (by 4 seconds haha)

18° of fun. Wearing my matching sweet Adios shoes and Oakley sunglasses.

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