Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Joining the Mobb (and a short New Years Day 5k report)

Let's get this out of the way first thing. Hopefully everyone had a good Christmas (or whatever you celebrate. Personally I have a diverse enough collection of friends that I get to celebrate pretty much everything from Hanukkah to Festivus .) and a Happy New Year! Hopefully it was fun, inspiring and safe. (For those of you who really celebrated last night.)

For myself, I celebrated my buddy Jimmy's birthday, stopped by another friends get together, got some dinner with the missus and then turned in early so I could get up at the crack of dawn to race... so I didn't get to party it up (or even see the ball drop) but, as a wise man (or wise guy) once told me, holidays are for beginners... there will be plenty of opportunity to celebrate throughout 2014 (Especially if the year turns out how I hope it will.)

Speaking of exciting things coming up in 2014... I'm joining the Mobb. If you've been to the blog the last few days you've probably noticed the new little green emblem. Well now I'm exciting to say I'm part of the 2014 Grass Roots team. I'm really excited and thankful for the opportunity to work with these guys... John Cobb is a legend to any of us who care about aerodynamics and bike fits... heck when I was on my way to A2 to do my tunnel testing he took the time to answer some of my questions and get me prepared for the experience... that's pretty dang nice for a no doubt busy guy who wasn't getting anything out of it. Anyways, more to come in later installments when it comes to the Mobb! Check out the Facebook Page and give it a like!

Exciting stuff on the horizon! Racing for the Cobb Mobb!

Cobb Mobb Facebook Page

----------------------- New Years 5k Race Report -----------------------

As I said before, I stayed up a little later than I had planned on New Years Eve. Albeit I didn't do any drinking and basically just layed around all afternoon, but I still was out til' about 11. I got up about 5:30 and got breakfast down, stretched a bit and got ready for the morning. I wasn't in the best spirits as I had taken quite a few days off for Christmas and was feeling really worn down before that. Still, the goal of hitting sub 19 minutes is still burning bright in the back of my mind. So it's off to the (new) race venue to get my packet (actually just a shirt) and warm up.

My 5k warmup is pretty uninspiring, with an easy run with a couple of strides thrown in to get the legs turning over faster. Soon it's time to line up and I head to the front (although this race draws quite a few more speed demons than most, so not the very front here.) We hear the gun (no national anthem?) and it's time to roll.

Mile 1 - 5:50

The start is fast paced. Looking back I was running with guys (and a girl or two) that were just faster than me. I realized this at the first turnaround (circle course) as they start pulling on me, but it's a bit late.

Mile 2 - 6:20
Just trying to pace back into the race (back of the line in the ugly yellow Nike shirt)

So somewhere in the mile1-2 range I start hurting. That brings on those dark thoughts like "We aren't in great shape at the moment, no need hurting yourself." and other such "bargaining" that my mind likes to do to me when I'm in pain. As you can see from the time difference, (30"!) I start to buy in. Toward the mile2 sign I get my head straight and force myself to pace the next person in front of me. The train is back on the track!

Mile 3 - 6:03

Right. Time to get some work done. The last mile is always a bit easier for me (mentally) than the second (which is always my weakest) and I catch my second wind just in time. Eventually I see the last turn to the finish line and start laying out everything I've got. I turn and see the clock ticking... it's close but I'm not close enough to sprint out a sub 19.

Final Time - 19:06

Getting closer... my Thanksgiving 5k was 19:17, so cutting 11 seconds in a month isn't anything to be upset about. Hopefully I'm on my way to a sub 19, I'm D@#%MN tired of writing about just missing it.

I grab some coffee and a banana and jump back in the car to head home. Ohh well, happy days. Great way to spend the New Years and set a standard for the year!

Ohhh I just snagged this picture off of Jenny's phone... a call back to Christmas Parties! (and really, it's never a bad time of year to wear a Christmas Sweater)

One last time... Happy Holidays :D
Hopefully everyone is ready to meet and exceed all of your goals (both tri related and just life related) in 2014!

So, until next time... thanks so much for reading through my thoughts. I really appreciate it!

- Christopher Morelock

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