Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Zipp Strikes Back!

Part 2
cleaning up the mess. Hi Spider Man!

Last week I started breaking down the Zipp 2001 for a "refresher." Well I'm happy to say things are turning out even sexier than I had imagined they would. There have been a couple of "woo sah" take a breath annoying moments, but overall it's been a fairly straightforward and easy upgrade. The one thing of note that changed from what I had suggested as my final build last week is the extensions. I ended up using my Cobb Wrist Relief's over the Tririg Gamma's. Both are excellent extensions and both work pretty well for me, so in the end I chose the Cobb's because I've always liked the way the bend looks better than ski style... and for this bike cool was as big a factor as function. Likewise, cool factor was the deciding factor on whether to run bare cable or housing down to the front brake.

Everything coming together on the front end. The cable routing is insanely clean.

This post is not a review of the Tririg Sigma stem... but it would be criminal not to take a moment to praise it. I expected good stuff from Tririg in the first place, but the more I mess with the thing, the more I like it. You might notice that I've got two spacers under it, something I almost never do. Well, the Stem itself is so short I was afraid that if I cut the steerer tube any shorter I would never be able to use the fork again if I changed the stem... (which, you know, will probably never happen, but still) which is mainly an issue because finding a 650c 1" aero fork is not the easiest thing to do. That aside (and, that's actually a good thing 99% of the time) the thing is tight. I appreciated the hidden bolts and the "cap" to run the cables through works perfectly with the nokons. I'd love to see a negative ° stem in the future. I know there are reasons against it, but man that thing would sell!

Anyways, back to the Zipp. There were a couple of snags. First, the Cobb wrist relief extensions aren't the smoothest on the inside. Actually there is a lot of raw carbon just hanging out in there, so pushing the finicky Nokons through (without messing them up) was a challenge. Eventually I used an old derailleur cable and a lot of manpower to get it in correctly.

Omega installed!  400 front wheel showing that it was built to last ;)

Then of course there was the rear brake setup. I went back and forth a couple of times trying to decide whether or not to run the housing stopper on top of the Omega. Eventually I went with it, as I could get a little bit better power than I could running the noodle straight in. I'm not happy with the choice, but it's acceptable.

Everything else was pretty easy and straightforward. Lots of Vaseline at the cable entry points and around any bolt that is exposed to possible water/grime. (Important on all the Zipps) Now it's a matter of lining up the brakes with the wheels and putting the bad boy back on the road.

Also exciting is that the Cobb Mobb kits design is finished! Below is the two-piece. More interesting (to me at least) is the unique one piece design, which features an open stomach. It's the option I'll be going with most assuredly (more aero) and, secretly I've always wished it was easier to pee before a race in a onesie (hiking the leg up is awfully uncomfortable. ) Plus it should be much easier to stuff that "awakening" ice down the front in a hot race! Anyways, the kits will be made by COBB, so I'm expecting great things!
What you'll see me rocking in 2014!
Finally for this snowy day (it's 7° here today...sigh) I thought I'd mention some amazing blended whisky I bought last week. Hibiki 12 year is insanely smooth. Don't even say the word "mixer" in it's presence. The only thing you mix this with is whisky stones. (go home ice) Anyways, if "mid to upper" shelf whisky is something you are interested in, I highly suggest this stuff. It's on par with some of the better Scotch I've had.

One of the smoothest blended whisky's I've ever had... and I've had a couple ;) 

Anyways, it's time for me to dust off the rollers and get a workout in on my snow day!

Until next week, thanks for reading.

- Christopher Morelock

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