Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The WANT list.

2014 is turning out to be the gear fanboys dream. There's so much cool stuff right around the corner (or on shelves) that it makes my head spin (and bank account cringe in fear.) So, I thought I'd take a little time to share my wish list...

I can't even look at this without chuckling... well played somebody out in cyberspace... well played.

- Cobb 5mm Top Caps ($15.99)

How many times over the years has finding a low stack top cap been a pain in my butt. I've went so far as to create my own out of carbon fiber AND in one case just go without a top cap for a race. Veloflyte and SlamthatStem have both produced a low stack cap in the past, but neither are readily available. (and certainly not for $16) This is one of those items I'm going to have a bag full of, just so I have one ready when needed.
Space saver!

- Specialized Turbo S ($5900.00)

This thing is almost certainly useless and impractical for me to own... I don't do much commuting, I don't live in the city, heck I don't even really enjoy "just for funsies" riding. So why do I think this thing is so awesome?  45km/h electronic speed perhaps? Maybe it's the fact that it's SO impractical for so many people and yet Specialized built it anyways? If I ever catch a steal of a deal on one of these things you can expect to see me cruising down the beach on it!

It's like a bike! For people who don't like pedaling...

- Power Meter Overload! (Wildly varying prices)

Measuring Power has got to be where it's at right now... everyone is trying to get on the train. Exciting documents from Shimano and the much nicer looking Pioneer - now sans zip ties... (I had one of their tape decks back in my first car!) head the list of cool stuff in the works. The Pioneer is even 'reasonably' priced ($1,600.00 but including an Ultegra crank)  although it is still around $400 more than a Stages setup. Whether it's worth the upcheck in price or not we'll have to wait and see.

Shimano's setup
Personally I'm holding out for the PREMIER edition... sounds better right?

- Jagwire road links ($79-$89.00)

It's no secret I am a fan of link style cables. In fact, most of my bikes are running on either Alligator's or Nokons. Jagwire decided they were missing out on that part of the market and they have remedied that with their road links. With the imminent rebuild of the CR-1 on the horizon (forgot about that fella didn't you... understandable, it's been collecting dust waiting on a paint job for a while.) it seems like the perfect opportunity to try the newest links on the block.

Hopefully unlike the Nokons the instruction manual is written in English... or at least broken English.

- Conti GP 4000s II (hopefully cheap on

The greatest tire ever... in color. From what I've heard, this tire lives up to the expectations (fast, reliable, fast.) set by it's unassuming predecessor. It almost breaks my heart that I have still got over a years worth of 4000s' sitting in my garage. Almost.

So do I match my tire to my kit, my saddle or my handlebar tape? So many rules to follow...

- Oakley Heritage Collection Eyeshade ($200.00)

Yes! Oakley has some sense. Take some classics (Eyeshade, Razerblade and Frogskin) price them competitively with Ebay and sell the crap out of them. The only thing missing is some of the silly 80's paint schemes (although seafoam is close) If I wasn't already the proud owner of my sweet Red Eyeshades I'd be all over this. (In all honesty I am still digging on the razerblades)

All the nostalgia of the 80's... except the price. The price is definitely modern.

So for the first quarter of 2014 that's what I'd like to have. And speaking of goodies... here's the perfect opportunity to show off what I scored for V-Day.

A bike chain coffee mug, super strong "death wish" coffee, and Evil Dead! I think she knows me pretty well!
A pretty nice haul if I do say so myself. Death Wish coffee is actually pretty aptly named... that stuff is "woah" strong (I made espresso out of it the other morning... holy crap I nearly had a stroke.)

Anyways, thanks for reading everyone. It's getting down to crunch time for the Knoxville 1/2 Marathon. I had a long'ish run last weekend at tempo and it was encouraging... so hopefully with no hiccups I'll be able to meet my goals! Happy training!

- Christopher Morelock

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