Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Loose Ends

This week is going to be even more scatter brained than usual... you have been warned.

First, in case you hadn't had enough comical pictures of me in my Cobb Mobb kit... here's another.

Candyland Dreams
Check out the Cobb Mobb Facebook Page, like it and like (or comment... I graciously accept all snide remarks... so long as they are funny.) my goofy picture and all the other guys and gals pictures/posts that actually put up results in races!

I mentioned the Dirty Kanza 200 last week and my buddy Jimmy's tough day... well here is his blog report on the day, which is worth a read, especially if you are a sadist. He's a bit like me (long winded) but his recounting is a close enough look into the event to solidify my stance on never doing something like that!

All the gravel. Every bit of it.

Ok, It's not a review but I just have to say how freaking awesome the book "Feed Zone Portables" is. I enjoy cooking and have always wanted something other than the usual hum-drum of nutrition on my long bike rides and man this book delivers. Besides the rice cakes I've really enjoyed the mini-pies and the egg recipes. On my recent long rides I've actually looked forward to my snacks as opposed to choking them down. To each their own, but if you want to get some fresh ideas for your next long day I highly recommend this book.

Saturday is the Storm the Fort Sprint, the next race in the Fleet Feet Sprint series. Actually it's really just a re-named "Smokin' the Water" race from the last few years. If you're a real follower of the blog you might remember that race as the one where I DNF'd due to the rider in front of me being hit by a car/trailer.  I certainly hope that we do not repeat that kind of race this year.  My goal is just to get as many points in the Sprint series as I can at this race, as it counts double. Well... my main goal is to be safe, but my secondary goal is to get the points :)

Training has been going pretty well. I've started incorporating some more speed work into my run and (knock on wood) so far the legs are holding up pretty well. My bike is also starting to look solid again... despite this past weekends 60 miles with Jimmy, who crushed me at every available opportunity... He was in pretty darn good fighting shape considering a week before he was suffering through that gravel mess. Or maybe I'm just weak :) Or maybe both! My swim is on the steady improvement, long sets are getting faster (closer to short set avg. times) and I'm trying to push my stroke to "good" as I possibly can.

So next week I suppose (hopefully) we'll have a race report. Then it'll be time to hunker down and get some real work done between then and Nationals.  Race season is here and summer is "officially" only a few days away! Time to do work!

Thanks for reading!

- Christopher Morelock

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