Thursday, June 11, 2015


Can't get past the lack of facial hair.
Wiggins indeed set the record, although not quite at high as he had hoped. Personally I think that's a good thing, as if he had just smashed it out of the park we might not see any more interest in it in the future. It's still a big hurdle for whoever is next in line. (Dowsett again seems somewhat likely)

I've slowly been putting in longer rides again, and last Sunday Zwift rewarded me with a new Jersey!

When 3 hours isn't enough

And how 100k looks outside of VR ;)
Zwift has been a great tool for me, helping me push myself again without so much pressure and keeping things "fun." I'm excited to see what happens when we get a true release product.

Back in reality, The State TT is this weekend and sadly I'll not be battling it out. Although I have been training daily and steadily increasing my volume and intensity... I don't believe I have the confidence to "race" a 40k yet. (To say nothing for my neck haha) But worry not, last night I had a power test, so I was able to suffer a significant amount. The good news is I've gained a good bit back that I lost, although I'm still nowhere near my level of fitness in the past. I am healthier though, which leads me to believe I'll be meeting and/or exceeding those levels in before the end of the year, at least on the bike.

As for the other sports, I have slowly started adding running back into the mix. To celebrate (and hopefully help with bricks and save some pounding on my knees) I bought a new treadmill! The Sole F80. I've not had it quite long enough yet to really put down my thoughts on it, but from the couple of runs I have gotten in on it, it seems like a hard to beat machine for the price. In probably the saddest revelation since my time off, I ran a couple of miles not far off of my tempo pace on one of my first "real" runs. I would say that speaks of my recovery, but more than anything it speaks to the fact that I'm such a bad runner I didn't have far to fall... :)

A new edition to the pain cave!

It's also time to finish things I've got sitting aside. Most notably, I had found an old 650c Disc for my Zipp 2001 that came with a (period correct...) Tufo tubular which needed replaced by something less embarrassing... in this case a Vittoria. So, for the first time in quite some time, it's back to gluing! I'm old school when it comes to gluing... lots of layers on the rim, a few on the tire, taking almost a week. I know it can be done faster, but it's one of those ritual things I learned one way and now always do it that way.

There's just something great about the ritual of preparing a tubular

And finally, this years Cobb Mobb kits came in. I was a bit timid to try it on with my gained weight, but it turned out at least acceptable... hopefully I'll shrink into it before long :) The new longer top is a welcome addition (and what most people's complaint was last year) for those of us with a little bit too much % to show off a 6 pack!

Thumbs up.
Thanks for checking in on me! The countdown begins, exactly one month until my return to triathlon!

- Christopher Morelock


  1. I have been looking for a treadmill. It is already getting blazing hot here in Memphis, even in the morning and it would be nice to ride my trainer and then hit a quick run on the mill! I need to look into that brand!

  2. I looked for a bit, and the other mills in the price range ($1500) had sketchy reviews... If I could do it again though I think I would get the F65 and not the 80 for the difference in price (the slightly narrower belt being the only thing I would miss) and I would also pay the extra $ to have the "Ground Inside Delivery" because that thing was HEAVY.