Monday, June 1, 2015

Stuff (and vote for Knoxville!)

A lot has been going on. Not so much for me, but in general...a bunch.

First, if you haven't voted and have no good reason to vote for one of the other local's I'd ask you to vote for Knoxville for the $100k grant for a new Mountain Bike park. It doesn't take much to vote, and I at least would appreciate it! Link Here.

Even Knoxville's Mayor is excited about it!
The Giro has ended, and it has been an entertaining one at that. Despite what you may think of Astana, motor's in bicycles or Contador, you can't argue it was fun to watch. SPOILER Ahead

Still looks silly every time he does this...

Now that he has won the Giro, (for the third second time) the stage is set for a real battle in the tour, with Contador showing a lot of his old form. Maybe we'll get an exciting tour this year as opposed to the "comfortable dominance" it turned into last year after the first week. I'm interested to see how Saxo supports Contador and Sagan... it didn't seem to work all that well (well... it did, but you know what I mean) this time, with Contador on his own for a lot of the hard sections, but I guess I'm not the greatest tactician.

In the tech nerd interests... the big news is Wiggins and his 3D printed bars.

Is custom kit right around the corner?

We don't have any good pictures yet, but supposedly it's a 1pc titanium bar shaped specifically for Wiggins forearms. This has some huge potential for the future, although I'm sure currently the cost is prohibitive to all but the most Olympic / WC / TDF winners. Still, this might be one of the coming innovations, or at least it would be cool if it were. I don't think anyone expects anything except for Wiggo to crush the hour record as it currently stands (although whether it will last 20 years is yet to be seen) but it will be a fun hour to watch nonetheless. It would be interesting to see how close he gets to the old records of Boardman and Obree.

Again, please please please vote for Knoxville.

Thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate it!

-Christopher Morelock

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