Thursday, July 23, 2015

Identity Crisis

The struggle inside continues. Am I still a recovering triathlete or am I a neophyte cyclist? It's a question that I don't have a good answer for. As I continue to build volume in my riding I question if I can go back to adding consistent runs and swims to the mix, and more importantly if I want to sacrifice time on the bike to do so. Can I even go back to "bed at 8 up at 4" 5-7 days a week? Currently the answer is no, so the question is will I ever want to do that again? I don't know.

Fortunately those are all decisions that do not have to be made in the imminent future. I have been enjoying my stay (whether temporary or permanent) in the land of the roadies. There is a simplicity to only having one sport to think about that is a comfortable routine. It doesn't hurt that cycling is what I've always enjoyed most anyways... besides video games... and now that Zwift is a thing I can play video games and ride at the same time! ;)

This weekend is the Oak Ridge Velo classic, and I'm signed up for the omnium. 27mi road race, 8 mi TT and 30 minute crit. It's been two years since I participated in the omnium where I had some mixed results (A way too eager attack on the road race finish left me in last, but a second place TT and a 4th place finish on the crit brought me back into a decent omnium overall.) this year with my re-building fitness I'm not overly expecting great things, although I think I'm skimming the "decent shape" borderline now. Not the same shape I've previously been in, but good enough to not get embarrassed and maybe even pull out a few surprises.  I get bored with sitting in... so there is a good chance I'll at least attempt some kind of move before the finish, fitness or no. We pre-rode the course last weekend and I at least have a good feel for it.

Jimmy and his selfies. My blue glasses totally mismatch my kit.
So next week I'll have some kind of story to tell. Hopefully with some sunny spots! Also, thanks everyone who helped out sourcing a bike... I found a used TT rig, and while it wasn't a P4, I think it will be ok. More on it when I get it together!

Thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!

- Christopher Morelock

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