Thursday, July 2, 2015

looking for a new whip!

So I am sort of looking for a new ride but running into a hard time sourcing one. So to the blog I go.
I've pretty much decided on the P4, preferably the later (Evo) upgraded version, but so long as the seat tube isn't broken/cracked I'd live with the original as well. I only want a frameset (have enough junk sitting around as is) and could care less about the condition (provided it's not unrideable) Has to be a size 51, no room for discussion there.

The only other bike that fits my requirements is the Shiv TT (Medium) but I don't think I can fit one of those into the budget.

So, if you've got any leads, let me know :)

Regularly scheduled programming back next time!

Christopher Morelock

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