Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Surviving DragonCon

It's been a few year's since I made my way down to Atlanta for a weekend of costumes, forums and just an overall party atmosphere you don't find very many other places. This time Jenny decided (perhaps due to my "rose-coloring" of the number of people who would be present...she's not a crowd fan.) to join me, along with one of my friend's and his wife. The four of us departed Friday morning...way too early... and arrived at our hotel (the airport Hilton) before 8a.m. After checking in early, it was a quick breakfast and off to start the show!

In retrospect, this year wasn't as "enjoyable" as my previous trip, primarily because I knew the futility in trying to "rush" anything (there's just too many people) but couldn't convey this to the others properly, leading to some frustration on everyone's part. Also, four different people who wanted to do different things (personally... I just wanted to find a seat in the action, get a drink and watch all the people...but I digress) is tough to make work in any scenario.

I also learned that the MARTA is a scary place. No thanks in the future.

Anyways, I did have a great time, but let's get on to some of the good pictures! (Well, ok pictures...since they made us turn the flash off a lot ended up being too dark)

Captain Morgan, a true hero

I know it's the DuckTales robot... I just can't remember his name

Jenny and Myself waiting in line (of course) to get coffee

My favorite part! The great drink names!

A Jedi!

Sweet Tooth from Twisted Metal... that thing must have been a nightmare to maneuver.

Zangief and Cammie from Street Fighter

I'm not even going to try to spell his name... but the bad guy from 300

Rave Spartans?

The Average Joes

Some kind of Pokemon characters

MRS Pac-Man, seemingly waiting to use the girls room...

Some elves who turned away at the last second.

Deadpool convention... including marriage proposal (she said yes from what I heard)

A female "Ash" from Army of Darkness/Evil Dead

Well, back to the real world, at least for a little while!

Oh, if you have time, check out William Ritter's blog post about Overtraining, I even get a mention. (And William's Blog is great besides this specific post)

As always, thanks so much for reading! 

- Christopher Morelock

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