Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Wit +1

Probably the most excited I've ever been writing a blog post. So much cool stuff has gone on since the last time I wrote. Kona crowned us two new champions, Canyon announced they would be selling in the USA, records were set in Chicago, I went to the beach... and oh yeah, most importantly... She said yes!

I admit, though I was mostly confident, the couple of days leading up as it became a bit more "really about to happen" I started sweating it just a little bit. Fortunately she was as happy and excited as I was, despite my fumbling through the whole "will you?" part of it!

That of course was the icing on the cake of an already great vacation. A chance to unplug and not think about selling cars, training, eating healthy, bikes or social media. We (again) stayed in beautiful 30a, this time in a very nice house in a development section (and I do mean development... it's a good thing I get up earlier than builders anyways...) which was entirely too big for two couples... but nobody ever complains about too much real estate, so neither will I.

The view... you can just see the ocean down that driveway!

I'll be honest, I was a lazy bum. I went on two very short runs with the missus (who was kicking my butt through them) swam in the ocean a couple of times and went on a few short bike rides on rented "cruisers." Besides that, the most physical thing I did was lift 12oz cans and walk on the beach... which was an awesome mental break as much as it was a physical one.

The "integrated cockpit" of this fine beach mobile.
Next week we'll be back to "normal" (that is, less mushy how awesome was my trip bragging and more...whatever it is you expect from this blog...) but let me take a moment to thank you all for stopping by and checking out what has been going on in my world. I really appreciate it. Jimmy told me that with popping the question it was the end of "my" life. There's some truth in that, and I hope that "our" life can be even better! 


Thanks for reading!

- Christopher Morelock