Wednesday, November 25, 2015


There are a lot of things for me to be thankful for. Probably number one is the missus taking pity and saying yes, but also my health and the ability to return to training.

I'm also thankful for all the people who I've been in contact with since my post on OTS. From the support to some of the amazing stories they have shared, I am overwhelmed. There are many out there that have gone through (or are currently going through) much worse than I did, and I will be overly grateful if my story helps (or leads to them getting help) even one of them through it. Sometimes it's just good to look online and see that someone out there "gets" what you're dealing with.

And of course... being able to train again. Nothing else like it. As a matter of fact, I'm going to go for a ride. Gotta burn a deficit for all that turkey I'm going to consume tomorrow!

Have an excellent Thanksgiving! Thank all of you for taking the time to check in. I really appreciate it!

- Christopher Morelock

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