Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Wow, 200 posts. That's a milestone!

200 Posts!!

Seriously... I would have never thought that when I started this little blog that I'd actually end up keeping up with it enough to ever hit 200 posts! Sure, it's not the most premium content you can find on the internet, but I would like to think it's not the absolute dregs either. What's possibly more unbelievable is that at least some number of you guys think it's good enough content to come back for more. I'm not one for getting choked up, but seriously... thanks!

I've been a lazy bum the last week (and part of this week) as after the State TT I needed to decompress a little bit. Sure I wasn't terribly excited with the way it turned out, but I was realistic enough to know it was about right. Big ups to, who, when you factor my actual average watts (215) spit out a projected finish time of 1:00:19, which is within 15 seconds of my actual finish time. That's pretty accurate considering how much guessing it does.

If you are looking for some extended reading across the internet about some interesting (at least I think it's interesting) stuff, let me direct you to a few places to check out. First, our very own Provision Racing blog, filled with race reports from our elite team of athletes (don't ask how I got on the team... certainly not by my recent results!) where you can fill up on what's going on in the minds of some very, very fast people. See how I so effortlessly dropped a sponsor plug in there!

Another excellent read that is ongoing right now is Dan Empfield's (Slowman) article series prescribing the right bike for your stack and reach numbers. You can find the articles on the Slowtwitch main page and the forum post that corresponds with it here. I'd suggest if you even have a passing interest in fitting bikes or just wonder about where you stack up on your current ride that you have a look. The TL;DR of the series is that we really, really need a new long/low bike. It seems like for the "Aliens" out there the only real solution is to find an old Cervelo P3/4.  I can relate as I've been struggling to get low enough on my Speed Concept. I'm actually planning to move back to my aluminum P3 soon... well, at least soon'ish.

Without dropping into too far of a tangent, I will say that despite this season having so far never gained much traction, I've had a lot of fun. It has taken me a long time to really internalize the whole "journey" back to competitive racing, but I think I am finally starting to find a balance. That's something I never had before getting sick, I based every race as the current gauge of how I was doing... which a lot of us do, but is very short sighted.

There's some more exciting stuff on the way, not just reading about me ramble on and on about this and that, I promise.

Thank you all for reading. Seriously, I wouldn't keep putting content up if I didn't see that people actually seem to visit. It's incredible, so again, thanks so much for reading!

- Christopher Morelock


  1. I couldn't get my SC low enough either. Found this:
    But I suspect that wouldn't work with your preferred aerobar position.

    1. Heyy... I actually have a Mistral bar in my parts bin. It helps some, but the real issue is how much stack Trek (and every bike company now) has in their sizes. I think I should have bought a small, although that opens up not having enough reach. Probably mean I need a P4 ;)