Wednesday, October 12, 2016

certification trip part 2

Post walk of shame we headed back to the hotel and I got a much needed shower. Jenny used our hotel (Hotel Indigo, a good choice if you are wanting to stay near the airport in Atlanta) gym to get her own workout in and then we headed back out into East Point GA to find some good eats!

I'm not usually one to just plug random places, but if you ever get the opportunity, visit the Thumbs Up diner. It was good enough to convince us to eat there again on Sunday before leaving, and if you enjoy diner / comfort food I hazard say you won't find a better place. I had a skillet hash which basically turned out to be a baked potato cracked open and put in a cast iron skillet, topped with cheese, eggs, peppers, onions and (for me) bacon and sausage. It was an epic meal, worthy of a victory feast, but also a nice comforting defeat meal. Jenny had the chicken and waffles, and while I didn't try it, it looked pretty astounding as well.  (I had the same meal again the next day!)

Great food! Just expect to stand in line for a while
Then we wandered some of the different area's in Atlanta just killing the day. As the UT/GA game was happening I didn't want to venture anywhere near the interstate, so eventually we just headed back to the hotel for a nap.

It seemed a couple of bike (not bicycle) clubs were also staying at the Indigo, and by the time we returned they had dominated the parking lot. It looked like a transition area at a triathlon, with all manner of Harley's, Victory's and other assorted "hogs." I removed the Cervelo from the back of the truck and got a couple of good natured (I assume) comments. They were impressed with my trispoke more than anything. I contemplated what it would be like joining a biker gang, but concluded that I probably didn't have the motor to keep up, although it would solve some motor-pacing issues. Also, the sleeveless jean jacket didn't look very aerodynamic, and everyone's position looked rather lax.

While I'm not a motorcycle rider myself, I have no issue with those who enjoy it. Except the whole "respect others" principle that it seems a group of motorcyclists throw to the wind. Our room was directly above the parking lot, directly above the "festivities." I'm all for a tailgate party, but I think having it at an airport hotel parking lot is a little inconsiderate. I'm sure it's a lot like (bi)cyclists where you just have to show everyone else your newest cool gear, but it get's repetitive hearing "VROOM....VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM VROOOROROOOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!!1!!!!11!!!!one!!!!!" every couple of minutes.
Hey man, we get it... new pipes.

Later in the evening we ventured out once more to a neat little restaurant called the Pig and the Pint.

My kind of place!

Located in College Park it seemed to clash with the area which housed it, but the deck was nice and the food was excellent. They also had a respectable whisky menu, which always gains points in my perspective. Again, excellent eating to be had on the trip! (This isn't a food blog I swear... but still.)

Back to cycling!
Sunday I made my way back to DLV to finally finish on the certification class. Everything went smoothly, even though I decided to jump back on "old blue" (as I've come to call the loaner blue Fuji that I rode last time) as opposed to my Cervelo (I wasn't feeling like riding mega steep, neck was just a tad sore.) and besides doing a lot of pace line work (much better than on the road in my opinion) we spent the day doing practise races. Despite a tiny gear I got the sprint by a hair on the scratch race (I know right, winner in the beginner race! hah) and just generally had a good time with my classmates, who were all excellent riders and just a good hearted bunch of folk.

goodbye for now DLV

Unfortunately, time flies when you are having fun (why couldn't it fly by on Saturday!) and it was time to jump back in the car and drive home. That was the majority of the excitement of our weekend, the rest filled with grocery shopping and laundry.  Oh normal life!

Thanks so much for reading, I know this one was a little less focused and a little more fun! (hopefully) next up is a much needed vacation, and then some cyclocross!

- Christopher Morelock

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