Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Building to a break

Ahh, only three more days until I'll be sitting under an umbrella on the gulf of Mexico. I look forward to my vacations as a time to forget about being a triathlete cyclist and be a "normal" fella for a couple of days. I savor these trips nowadays as opposed to stressing over them as I have in years past... I don't worry about losing fitness but frame it as a chance to let my body have a good chance to recover fully. With my CTL climbing into the mid/high 80's the last few weeks leading into this, (something I haven't done since late 2015, and even then only temporarily) and stilling heading north, the last couple of months working with my new coach (we'll talk about that soon) have really pushed me back towards being an actual athlete again. That said, this week is a real leg cracker, and I'm sitting here typing this thinking "man I hope this is over soon."

It's been long enough now that my return date has expired, so my wife is stuck with me it seems. So this trip will be our delayed Honeymoon I suppose.  We're taking our cross bikes, so I'll do my best to take some pictures of wherever we explore  But really... I'm mainly going to be exploring expanding my butt with good food and drinks ;)

I doubt there will be an update next week. The following week... pictures! (I hope)

Thanks for checking in on me. If you want an interesting thread to read that's a bit more about tri/tt bikes, check out this discussion going on on Slowtwitch about the new data that Cannondale published about disc brakes on TT/Tri rigs. It obviously has it's moments of forum trolling, but there is a good discussion with a lot of smart guys at the heart of it. Interesting to watch for sure!

Until next time, I'll be thinking of you guys next Wednesday while I sip mojito's!

-Christopher Morelock

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