Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Good times and a nice break.

Returning to the real world from a vacation is always bittersweet. On the one hand I'm always anxious to get back into the swing of things, nice and refreshed and honestly a little ready to return to the structure I enjoy in my day to day life. Some people think that's boring, and if so... I guess both myself and my wife are boring people. It's odd, while for a week at a time every so often I greatly enjoy just being lazy, drinking and eating fine food and just overall not doing anything I don't want to do... it starts to wear on me about 3 days in. Used to I never fully went into "vacation mode" and I'd stress about getting my workouts in, what I ate/drank/ etc... and at the end of the week I wouldn't feel like I was ready to leave. Now I milk that week for all it's worth, so that when the end of the week comes I actually WANT to get back to my normal diet and workout schedule. Don't get me wrong, the last couple of days back have sucked riding... but in a good way.

Let's be honest though, the best part of coming back from vacation is sharing the memories, not hearing my inner reflection on it.

No Swimming you say! Don't you worry, I got over that years ago! 

The two Raleigh's getting ready for a sandy trek through the national park.
We decided to take a selfie while stuck about a mile into a sand pit too deep to ride in. 
Later on after finally escaping the sand pit!

Praline brown sugar bacon from Cowgirl Kitchen. This is a necessary evil during my trips to the beach, because it is awesome... probably really healthy for you as well.

Then there was this monstrosity. Triple Pork Nachos from the Chaunticleer eatery. Yes, instead of chips you get pork skins. This one is definitely healthy... low carb and gluten free. Dr. Adkins would shed a tear of love.

What you're really there for. White sand and emerald water.

Honestly this just looked cool.
The wife puts down so many watts she ripper her crank off! Fortunately the local bike shop (Shout out to Big Daddy's Bike Shop) was kind enough to loan me a 10mm wrench to get her back on off the road.

It was an excellent trip. We even managed to get a couple of (pretty scenic and leisurely) rides in. I'm not too much for all the nature/sentimental stuff, but I have to admit the sunsets there are pretty phenomenal.

Going relatively late in the season (22-29 Oct) we managed to dodge most of the crowds, which is always a relief on vacation. Even our favorite restaurant which usually has an hour + wait was walk in seating this time! On the day we left the little town of Seaside was even putting on a Halloweener race! (Two weenie dogs enter, on emerges victor!) I tried to snap some pictures, but unfortunately all I got was people hugging the arena. Alas... you'll just have to take the missus word for it that it was adorable.

Now that I'm back it's time to get the blog back on track! Reviews, how to's, random word vomit! All coming on a weekly basis!

Thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate it!

- Christopher Morelock


  1. Seaside is great little place. I avoid Destin like the plague in the summer. FYI Truman Show was filmed there.

  2. Hah, funny Chris, the first time I went to Seaside I was utterly baffled at the number of Truman Show DVD's for sale. Even in the gas station. They were playing it at the amphitheater... all just very confusing to me. I looked it up later and saw lots of it was filmed there, but man, I was in twilight zone for that first week! Walking around thinking "man these people are HUGE Jim Carrey fans!"