Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Rock Hill (back to going in circles)

This past weekend was an excellent little jaunt over to Rock Hill, SC, and more specifically the Giordana velodrome.

morning rising on the Giordana velodrome

The calm (literally... the wind kept messing this picture up)

If you've never been to Rock Hill, it's worth visiting no matter what kind of cyclist you are. I didn't really imagine places like that existed, where cycling wasn't just an afterthought, but something to be built around and focused on. Obviously the velodrome itself is something to see, but the BMX track, closed criterium course and trails are all absolutely top of the line.

impressive even to somebody like me who would wreck straight out of the start

But, I went to go in circles, not go off road. (That's this coming weekend) so back to the track stuff.
Some of my fellow Knoxvelo/Hicks guys and gals went down for the certification class on Saturday morning, and I came to get some helmet testing and just some good old riding in myself over Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately, due to the wind (and the fact that the track was actually quite a bit more busy than I had expected) I didn't get any definitive data on my helmets... a task for another day.

That said, I got a good workout in both days, and got to test my glue job on my track wheels. My Walker Brothers disc was actually a pleasure to ride on, and my no-name 5 spoke was actually a lot easier to handle in the wind than I expected it to be given it's surface area.

doing some laps

The Hicks Chicks looking like a team not to be trifled with!

Geared up, looking like a Fred

Jimmy braving the cold
I can't say enough good stuff about this trip. I was very, very impressed with Rock Hill's attention to detail. It also helps a lot to set it up in a positive light that I was surrounded by some great friends (and my loving wife, who even found something to do at the local YMCA which was literally next door to the velodrome) sharing in the fun. Hard to believe just going in a 250m circle can be considered fun, but so it is!

This weekend it's back to the cyclocross racing for me... as I try my damnedest not to wreck in the first minute of the race this time. Unfortunately that will probably be about all there is to it for the rest of the year and through the majority of winter. I'll be grinding away on Zwift most likely. If you have an account you can find and follow me (I'll follow you back!) - you'll see me listed as
C.Morelock (Provision Racing)

Have a great Thanksgiving everyone, and thanks for reading, I really appreciate it!

- Christopher Morelock

The "yo brahhh!" picture of Jimmy and myself.

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