Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Skull and Cross

Well, cross is coming here. And she is a fun, merciless mistress.

My first cross race ended pretty quickly, with a bashed up left side and the need for a new helmet. Sigh.

About 2 minutes post wreck... get me a beer!

It's odd, I had pre-rode the course quite a few times during the day before my race, and where I wrecked was not somewhere I had picked out as a dangerous section. It was a downhill on loose gravel, but for the most part was not something technical. Usually after I take a spill I have a good idea of what I did wrong, but this time I am still at a bit of a loss. There was no fishtailing, loss of control, just me on the ground. I am guessing I hit a little dip enough to bounce me up, and as I landed I had too much weight on my left side and pushed the front wheel out from under me. Pretty crazy, my skinsuit came away unharmed despite me looking a little worse for the wear.

the key is to look like you have some idea what you are doing... which I obviously didn't...

That said, I had a great time the day of the race, and all 45" of my race. Cross has one of the best atmosphere's in cycling. Not quite mountain biker wild, but relaxed and easy going. Stopping at the top of a hill to drink part of a beer is something that doesn't happen in a road race or time trial! (Perhaps thankfully)

Jimmy on his single speed making it look easy

It was also the first time my poor wife has seen me wreck (pretty amazing I've gone as long as I have without a spill now that I think about it) and she took it in stride pretty well, at least after we were adequately satisfied I didn't have a concussion (thanks Rudy Project helmet, you will be missed.) so that is a good thing. I've been pretty sore since Saturday evening, but fortunately have been able to get back on the bike and get my workouts in.

Later the night of. "oh this isn't going to look so bad"

Tuesday morning... looking good ;) right... guys... 

This coming weekend we are taking another road trip, this time to Rock Hill Velodrome so that I can get some more track time in before winter fully sets in. It helps that a lot of friends are going to get certified on Saturday... it should be a great trip with lots of good times! Hopefully I'll also be able to get lots of track time and training in, as well as some aero testing if I can squeeze it in... and of course (hopefully) some good pictures! Then the weekend after it's back to some cross racing (My goal is to not wreck for the first minute this time... high expectations) at Turkey Cross!

Thanks so much for reading, I really appreciate it!

- Christopher Morelock

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