Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Time out

I apologize that this week's post will be so short. I have absolutely been slammed with other "real life" stuff going on and unfortunately the review I had scheduled is just not even remotely finished / formatted / readable. Hopefully I'll have it up and finished next week.

What's been eating my time...

Helping other people with their setups as thoughts of the upcoming race season start popping into folks heads, doing some of my own aero testing, putting up new blinds in our house, planning for my 1 year anniversary,  re-cabling my Speed Concept (which is always a joy) and... most excitedly (well... almost as most excitedly as my anniversary ;) ) my Fuji Track Elite finally came in.

Hipster cred

Thanks to Randy at Bearden Bike & Trail for hooking me up with a new whip. Now to build it up and try not to embarrass it.

Thanks so much for checking out the blog, I really appreciate it!

-Christopher Morelock

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