Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Getting Swole

It's been a while

Well, week one of my "return" to training has went, acceptably. I'm starting to feel a bit more like my old self, and the deep tiredness that has been plaguing me for... I don't remember how long... is loosening it's grip. I still feel like I'm in the tunnel, but I think I can see light at the end, even if it's a ways off.

One of the key things I'm supposed to focus on (besides short bouts of high intensity running, biking and swimming) is the gym. It's strange how life brings you full circle sometimes. When I got into triathlon, I came from a background of power lifting / bodybuilding. I felt "good" at what now seems a staggering 230lbs. (For reference, I usually race at 145-155) When I started racing, I did a little lifting. Later, I read enough that convinced me my time spent there would be better off sbr'ing, so I cut back significantly, and after breaking my clavicle I gave up lifting period. Fast forward 6 years... I'm told I need to go back to the gym and do a little bit of lifting every week, not only to help shore up some weaknesses in my body, but also to help with the Testosterone (which is an issue I have to address without the help of medication, obviously. Fortunately 500'ish isn't bottoming out or anything, but it could stand being higher no question) So... as things usually end up happening, I'm now again doing something I have spoken against in the past... lifting to go with triathlon training.

Big Chris at Disney
And 70 something pounds lighter

Of course I'm not going back towards 200+ lbs... I'm not even looking to do "too much" time in the gym once everything is back on track. One, maybe two days a week of the "big 3" (Squat, Deadlift, Power Clean) with the possibility of some extra side stuff as I feel necessary.

Still plenty of extra time spent not training, and only so much of it can be spent playing Grand Theft Auto 5, (where I can do virtual triathlons ;) ) so I've been doing some small amount of work getting the Scott finished up. Now I'm waiting on my Jagwire Links to arrive from some Asian country... hopefully they'll be as nice as the Nokon's.

Chevrolet's and Scotts

Here she sits now, waiting for the finishing touches. It's using the parts I have laying around (a mix of Dura Ace 7800 and Ultegra) with a Ritchey stem, 3T bars, KCNC steapost (and clamp) and Enduro Bottom Bracket / Pulleys.

Full rebuild whenever I get the cables in!

Thanks so much for reading and following on my road back to "normal."

- Christopher Morelock

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