Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Future

I feel like I'm playing Fallout

I've somewhat prided myself that I've, with few exceptions, kept this blog up to date on a weekly basis for the last couple of years. This post, difficult as it is to make, is an admission to defeat on that level.

I had expected to bounce right back from my previously (at length) discussed ailments. In the past few months I've not improved my situation, despite plenty of rest and some lifestyle changes. Now I'm scheduled for another 8 weeks of no training, some serotonin production helping supplements (5-htp specifically) and some trips to a sports psychologist... who is likely to tell me I'm crazy. (I know.)

This isn't me saying this blog is over. It's not. It's not even on hiatus, I'll still be updating as things develop, but honestly I'm having a tough time with content... there's only so much " I feel like crap but hoping for things to get better." That you guys want to read and that I want to write. I also would prefer to take the stress of "I need to get something down before Wednesday" off my shoulders for the time being.

So until further notice, updates will come when I feel like it and/or I have something to say. If you aren't interested in checking back here time to time, I'll post links on my twitter account when something comes up. (You are following me on twitter...right? If not, it's right on the left side of this page! You follow me I'll follow you!)

My takeaway from this so far... be aware that overreaching and over training are real things. Understand the signs. For me, looking back... the classic "I'm not performing as well as I should be for what I'm putting in... so what I need to do is add more volume and more intensity" when I was already on a pretty moderate load and what I really needed was a chance for my body to heal. I just dug in (and dug myself into a hole) and now I just have to wait until I can dig myself back out.

Thank you all for reading and following in this journey with me. In a couple of months I hope we can share the return to training and racing at higher (and much, much smarter) levels than ever before.

- Christopher Morelock

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